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Hello Xsyon Citizen!

You are receiving this email as a forum member or player for the online game world Xsyon: Prelude.

Xsyon Announces Repopulation Updates!

Notorious Games is excited to announce the most recent updates to Xsyon: improvements that have repopulated and brought new life to the Xsyon world, filling the once sparsely populated landscape with wild creatures and mutants.

Recent improvements include:
· Increased creature populations.
· Revamped creature migration system, maintaining balance across the land.
· Creatures gain power with age, combat and survival.
· Creature breeding system revised to enforce survival of dwindling species.
· Strength of creatures balanced, encouraging new players to join the hunt!

Xsyon features a unique living environment where creatures breed, age, form packs, migrate and grow in power.

Full patch notes are available on Xsyon's website.

Xsyon:Prelude is currently available For Free Play at http://www.xsyon.com.

If you've never played Xsyon or you haven't played in a while, it's a good time to return and see how the world has evolved.

Xsyon is also currently in the Steam Greenlight program:
Please vote for us to get listed on Steam!

Join us in creating a new world!

So I think I will check it out this weekend. I Will be on TS if I am playing. So please do the same and hopefully if people see we are in game Others will join.


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It's been free for a while, but your skills are limited to 20 or 30, I can't remember which. So if you're new, it'll be like playing the full game, until you get your skills up to the "free cap" so it's worth it if you've never played. One of us can help get you to our land if you decide to jump in.