Xsyon Kickstarter now up!


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As most of you know, I still maintain an account in the game and still enjoy the game a lot! I saw that the kickstarter for Xsyon was started yesterday and figured I'd post it here for everyone to see. It's a good project and is already in a playable state and getting the funding they need to improve the game will make the game really enjoyable.

So, check out the Kickstarter campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/382040989/xsyon-apocalypse

Some key things to note on the various levels.

At 250.00 you get a year of gametime free, you can choose when to start this, so now or when the next version of the game is released (in a year). So that's 120.00 you wouldn't have to pay (10.00/mo sub).

At 500.00 you get a lifetime sub, so... yeah, that's pretty cool too. Not exactly small amounts of cash, but still have some very good rewards for that and I figured I'd mention them. =)
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Wow, looking for $250,000 to fund the KS project - they set their sights real high. All of the levels are pretty expensive.


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Yeah, I hope they can do well but I'm not gonna hold my breath. So many games out right now, and more being made. I still don't quite feel like I got my original purchase value out of Xsyon yet.