Weekend Hangout.


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Hey everyone. Trekkan would like it if we made a get together in game. Xsyon has changed a bit since most of us have logged on. It is free to play now. The more that come and hangout, the better. Lots to explore, and fight. It is such a beautiful world. It just needs people to make it better. So let all see if we can set up a time one weekend. Maybe this next one. And get crazy. Free food for everyone. As long as we don't run out of fish.


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Actually, it was Hyip's idea, he's too modest... Regardless, it's a good idea and I'm there if it's this weekend. I probably wouldn't be able to make next weekend, but I'm open this one. Hopefully some more people decide to join in and check out the game at least.


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I can drop in on Sunday for awhile. Friday I'll be busy with beta stuff and Sat I'll be out of town.