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Webmap and Control panel

Discussion in 'General' started by DR SATAN, Mar 7, 2018.


    DR SATAN New Member


    i am wondering how to go about getting the web mat to work. i have tried opening it on the server box but git stuck in an endless loop of logging into steam for the map, to only be brought the my steam page instead of going back to the map after login, i setup a remote RAP on my pc an connected with Telnet but it will not load the web map at all. thy thoughts?

    and i am wondering about the control panel option. what is the control panel? is it a remote admin tool for web browser? i have tried connecting to http://localhost:8080 on the server box and http://serverlocal and external ip:8080 as well.just to see but nogo. will not load.

    any tips or help would be awsome!
  2. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    You need to set the access level allowed to view the map. You can find that under the permissions section here: Integrated Webserver – 7 Days to Die - Linux Server Management

    Then you won't be in that loop you mentioned.

    As for remotely accessing the map, the map is located at your control panel port +2, so you'll need to open that port in your firewall/router port forwarding to view it remotely.

    The control panel is a web admin panel, but I haven't looked at in a couple of years since RAT can pretty much do anything and more than it does(did?). But, check it out and see if it does what you need. =)

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