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UI pics

Discussion in 'Greed Monger' started by Ronus, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Ronus

    Ronus Member JFF Member

  2. Dsan

    Dsan Active Member JFF Member JFF Supporter

    And they're asking for feedback so drop by KS and post something. The images are a tad small...
  3. Deuce

    Deuce Member JFF Member

    See if these are any better. I have been harping on the forums about getting rid of the grid inventory, I would like to see old style UO inventory. I can also do without the artwork on the UI, not that it's bad, but with limited screen space I just want functionality when it comes to UI. Let the game contain all of the artwork. :)
  4. Dsan

    Dsan Active Member JFF Member JFF Supporter

    I agree. Any time I can remove UI art, reposition/resize, and control transparency it helps make me a happy player. More MMOs lately have given options to the inventory, grid or list, or w/e. I can't say I prefer one over another, they both have uses, so I think having options would be great.

    As they said, it's currently a bit derivative, but hopefully they can come up with something a little more unique to the game without removing functionality.
  5. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    I also am all for the UO inventory style. Putting bags in bags, covering what you have so thieves have to try harder to steal from you, etc... GOOD STUFF! =)

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