[DOC] Running Multiple Instances of RAT


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Started with RAT 2.0 (Currently in Alpha, but available for 64 bit download), you can now run multiple instances of RAT in order to manage multiple 7D2D servers.

In order to do this, please follow the below steps.

Make a copy of the current RAT database

The database file is located in %appdata%\nomadsoft
Make a copy of the 7d2d_rat.db file, this is your database file.
Name it something that makes sense to you such as 7d2d_rat_myGameServer1.db
You can copy this file anywhere, but for the example, we're just going to leave it in the same folder.

Create a new RAT Shortcut and point it to the new database file

RAT now has command line parameter that allows you to point to a database file anywhere on your computer.
Go into your RAT installation folder (Default is: C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT) and find the file 7D2DRAT.exe.
Right click this file and select "Create Shortcut".
You will get a popup telling you that you can't create a shortcut here, click Yes to create it on your desktop.
Now right click your new shortcut on your desktop and select Properties
In the "Target" text box, you should see something like "C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT\7D2DRAT.exe".
After that, add the following: -db=7d2d_rat_myGameServer1.db
It should now look something like this: "C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT\7D2DRAT.exe" -db=7d2d_rat_myGameServer1.db
Note: if you have copied the database file somewhere else on your system, you need to set the path to it here. Example: -db=c:\mynewpath\7d2d_rat_myGameServer1.db

Rename the 7D2D Server EXE file

Since you're running multiple instances of the game, you should already have installed another copy of the game server in a different folder. Go into that folder and find the file 7DaysToDieServer.exe and rename it to something like "7D2DServer_MyGameServer1.exe".
This is so that RAT knows the different server processes from each other and can monitor them as needed.

Once RAT starts

Set the Server Path in RAT to point to your second installation of the 7D2D game server.
Edit the Executable Name and enter the same name as you renamed your server EXE file above, example: "7D2DServer_MyGameServer1.exe"


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I can't find a 7d2d_rat.db on %appdata%\nomadsoft - only two files there: "7d2dusa.sdf" and "upgrade.dat", along with a "localization" folder containing "us_english.ini" file.

%appdata% opens AppData\Roaming. On Local, there's only a "user.config" file, inside some weird folder ("7D2DRAT.exe_Url_utbycvmkqlt4a2yqbvctlsidmaejp1wo\")


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I can't find a 7d2d_rat.db on %appdata%\nomadsoft - only two files there: "7d2dusa.sdf" and "upgrade.dat", along with a "localization" folder containing "us_english.ini" file.

%appdata% opens AppData\Roaming. On Local, there's only a "user.config" file, inside some weird folder ("7D2DRAT.exe_Url_utbycvmkqlt4a2yqbvctlsidmaejp1wo\")
That is because you aren't running the Alpha 2.0 version of RAT. What is it you are trying to do and maybe I can help?


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I currently have a game I play with a friend. For some reason, when I create a new game to play solo, after a while my game crashes - and I noticed this doesn't happen when I run a dedicated server on my PC and play on it, so I wanted to make a "second server" to play using RAT, without messing with our game..


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Ok, so if you want to run more than one copy of RAT, then you need to use the Alpha 2.0
thanks for the link! Going to check it now!

(edit) ohhhh I can use RAT itself to install the second instance of the server via steamcmd?! HOW NICE. Awesome work, Trekkan!!! <3

(edit again) hm... if I just copy the RAT exe, instead of making a new installation, it'll use the same email settings, right? But it also seems to not want to run two servers at the same time (I did it just to test. One was running, when I tried to start the second it said it was already runninig...)

(edit) dumb me, forgot to rename the solo server's EXE!

(edit) Spot some other info for you to add to the tutorial: changing port for Telnet, web panel and web map! =)
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One more problem: while the new server for solo works nicely, the old game one keeps kicking me out saying "player not found" =(

But I'm there on lkp....

2018-05-05T04:45:24 206.316 INF Executing command 'lkp' by Telnet from
1. JohnnyCiocca, id=171, steamid=76561198003024125, online=False, ip=, playtime=163 m, seen=2018-05-04 00:28
Another weird thing: none of the servers show up on LAN, even if I'm locally hosted - is this expected?
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im following along with the instructions om how to set up a 2nd 7d2d dedicated server using the RAT server manager.

i currently have 1 RAT server running successfully for 7d2d version 17.2 and hope to not lose it or any of the game details that are currently working just fine. im hoping to set up another server for 7d2d version 17.3

im having a little problem following these instructions (its completely my error) and was hoping for a little guidance.

i am running RAT version

Question - do i need to copy the database file if i want to create a fresh game of 7d2d. if so, when i copy the current database file, can i create a new folder in the %appdata% folder and name it Nomad2 and paste the "original" data file in the Nomad2 folder and rename it to somethng else? (im using 7d2d_rat_17.3game) im thinking so far im ok on following the guide above

The next section is where i think i ran in to a snag. "create a new RAT shortcut and point it to the new database file"

when i go to the RAT installation folder and create a new shortcut i paste it to my desktop. i now have 2 RAT .exe shortcuts on my desktop. i named 1 RAT 17.2 and one RAT 17.3. on the RAT 17.3 .exe shortcut (my new server), i paste this in to the target box:

"C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT\7D2DRAT.exe -db=7d2d_rat_17.3game"

question to help clear up my confusion
- "rename the 7d2d server EXE file" is this .exe in the nomad file where rat is installed or the dedicated server folder that i downloaded from steam that has the 17.3 version of the game in it?
- (when i downloaded version 17.2 i moved it all to a new folder called 7d2d v17.2 and i then downloaded version 17.3, moved it from the steam apps common folder and put it in a new folder called 7d2d v17.3)
- is it the .exe in 7d2d v17.3 that i need to rename? currently both servers fire up and connect to telnet, but whatever server i start up first is the info that both servers rub when launched.....

im sure my post is probably confusing to read, since it was confusing to type :) im happy to try to clarify since someone will probably have better questions to elaborate on and that will help me get to the bottom of my confusion.



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You'll need to copy the database file, then when RAT starts and you're using it, configure it to match whatever you want for your new server settings. So you'll start out with your old server settings, just change them to however you want your new server to be configured.

The database file can be wherever you want to put it, but its fine being in the same folder as the RAT install (along with the original one), no need to put it anywhere else. If you do decide to put it somewhere else, then you need to make sure that you add the full path to it on the shortcut: "C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT\7D2DRAT.exe -db=<Path to the file>\7d2d_rat_17.3game"

The EXE file you rename is the 7d2d server exe itself. This is so that RAT can tell which server it needs to monitor. Then, within RAT (as its running), you change the server EXE field to match this new name. You only need to rename the new one, its just so its different than the original one you're running.

Hope that helps, if not, let me know where you're stuck still and I'll do what I can to help. =)


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I want to thank you for your speedy reply, especially on a holiday. ty so much.

- copied the database file in %appdata%. i put it back in the same folder and renamed it 7d2d_rat_17.3 (both data base files are now in C\users\"my pc name"\appdata\roaming\nomadsoft\7d2d_rat or 7d2d_rat_17.3)

steam server software is in 2 folders. (games17.2 and games17.3) games 17,2 works fine, so i left it alone. in games17.3 which is my new server, i renamed the exe to 7DaysToDieServer17.3.

i created a second RAT desktop icon from the nomadsoft install folder

i launched RAT (from the same exe file that launches the original server... and when it started i changed the server path on the server configuration tab to the folder of the new server (c\program files (x86)\Games 17.3\7 Days To Die Dedicated Server)

i opened the new desktop icon and changed the target to "C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT\7D2DRAT.exe" -db=7d2d_rat_17.3Game.db

i havent yet changed the xml file in the new server folder because i got an error pop up the said i didnt have a db file associated with the target.

am i even close???


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First, no problem, glad to help!

These two steps need to be reversed, so in the order I am pasting them here:

  • i opened the new desktop icon and changed the target to "C:\Program Files\NomadSoft\7D2D RAT\7D2DRAT.exe" -db=7d2d_rat_17.3Game.db
  • i launched RAT (from the same exe file that launches the original server... and when it started i changed the server path on the server configuration tab to the folder of the new server (c\program files (x86)\Games 17.3\7 Days To Die Dedicated Server)
You need to basically change the shortcut to point to the new DB, before you launch RAT, otherwise, you're working on your old DB.

I'm not 100% certain, but it could be an issue with the extra . in the filename messing with the extension. I don't think so, but maybe. So you could try renaming it and see if that helps.


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well, i cant get the server to launch with the new desktop icon. it only launches with the original server icon.

at this point, the original server works.... i guess i will leave it at that before i mess it up too.

i think im a little over my head, i tool around changing things like this just enough to get myself in trouble :)

im gonna quit before i reach the trouble point i guess

i want to thank you for the time you spent with me on this issue


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i tried again. it seems whatever version of the server i start first is what runs from either one of my desktop icons. if i reboot and start server #1 1st, thats the same one that launches from server #2 icon. if i reboot and start server #2 1st, that one launches from server #1 icon as well.

i think im really stuck on the db file and the exe desktop icon. both server will run.....i just cant get them running at the same time


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unless i can fix something i guess i dont need 2 servers anymore. my original game is gone. :( i can move forward with only 1 server i guess.

oh well. sorry for the babble in this post, i was trying to post as i went along.

ty again for all of your time