[Future Feature] Run RAT as a service.


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I wonder if its possible to split RAT in two parts:
1. the GUI
2. the servermanager itself running as a service.

If Windows resarts, RAT-Service starts automatically and starts the server thread.
That would be nice because there would be no need to be logged in all the time.
Only if one wants to make changes he will log in windows, start the gui and make settings.
Then he will log out again.

That would be perfect!

;) ShockFrog


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While possible, the amount of work it would take me to do that, I wouldn't really have the time to do. The limited amount of people that would even use it that way also decreases the value in taking the time to do it.

I do like the idea, there just isn't enough time to spend on features a limited amount of people will use.

That being said, you can still accomplish keeping your server up and running (without RAT) by making it run as a service itself. Granted, you won't have RAT functionality available until you log in, but you can start your server without RAT and RAT doesn't care. It'll still function as normal.

I know that's not exactly the best solution, but its the best I can offer at the moment.


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:) Thank you for the honest answer!
I understand. Do you still play sometimes?

I already have my 4 servers running as service :D.
Maybe i will write a short manual how to do it. But i used 3rd party software.
Maybe pn me about that.

What happens if i run two instances of the same RAT? How often does RAT read/Write database? Maybe it´s possible to run the exe twice. one to connect to server and run as bot... whatever. The other one to edit database?

Everything is running nice here, so its time to try, isn´t it? XD
I will tell you here if i really try.
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You can run multiple instances of RAT (as many as your system can handle). I know a couple people that run 4 game servers and run 4 instances of RAT. You can find some documentation on how to do that here: [DOC] - Running Multiple Instances of RAT

Short version is, you rename the EXE and then pass in a parameter pointing to that game servers RAT database. So when you start RAT, it points to the database for each server.

You can also put RAT into Client mode (Off of the File menu), which means that none of the events (other that relevant chat events) are processed by the client. That way you can have remote admins that use RAT, but those clients don't handle things like teleports or other types of events, so that they don't double up, etc. Not sure if that's a feature you'd use, but just making you aware of it, if you weren't. =)


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:) got 4 already.

Thanks for the info about client mode!
Maybe i will have some questions later...
Have to play/try/play/try now ;)