RAT and A18


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yeah what ciro said lol, I just added this here to make it easier to link to for people needing the fix and updated files. I am successfully using these files on my server.


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This is a valid update, but its a work in progress update so... =) Just make sure you go to the Discord channel and look at the PINs, its pinned there. Just to make sure its coming from my Discord and not someone else's, etc. I did check though and the link currently posted in this thread, is valid and points to the RAT Discord file, etc. =)


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This might not be for this thread but ever since A18 came out I keep getting this world not loaded garbage, what am I doing wrong or what may have changed? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I also have new new EXE file and updated BC and Alloc's Fixes.


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It takes 30+ minutes to generate an 8k world now. Basically, wait. =)
I didn't even think about that! It was a thought in the back of my head because of the loading time to create a single play map. But I was like Really? Thanks so much man.