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Quick Review

Discussion in 'Diablo 3' started by SlipWraith, May 18, 2012.

  1. SlipWraith

    SlipWraith Member JFF Member

    I was provided with a trial key and played last night. Before I give my review I wanted to say that I did purchase the game.

    Starting out it feels exactly like Diablo II. The leveling works differently and the days of stacking a specific stat are gone since it automatically allocates stats as it deems fit based on your character class (I think ;) I was able to make it through act II although the party I am with went and killed the king while I was AFK so I can't really confirm WTF happened to that dude. Once you hit level 9 you can no longer level and the magic item drop rate goes through the floor. I had enough magic stuff in my inventory to do one basic crafting item. I do have to say that the stats were better than anything I had dropped and I like the idea of being able to recycle goods to make better than drop, drops.

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