Please keep the doors shut! =)


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If you use the doors on the tribal lands, please keep them closed so that people / animals can't enter.


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Sorry, it's just I have been saying that constantly for months now. Summer and fall, it was family members leaving gate fences open out here and me ending up herding cattle back out of the yards (and Mom's flowers) (happened about once a week for about 3 months straight), and now it's the kids with the doors now that it's getting cold outside.

So, yes, I heartily agree. Whether real life or in a game, shut the doors and gates behind you.



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I had this posted in my house when I was raising the kids,

1. If you open it…close it.
2. If you turn it on…turn it off.
3. If you unlock it…lock it.
4. If you move it…put it back.
5. If it belongs to someone else and you want it…get permission.
6. If you don’t know how to operate it…leave it alone.
7. If you borrow it…return it.
8. If you use it…take care of it.
9. If you break it…repair it.
10. If you can’t fix it…call someone who can.
11. If you mess it up…clean it up.
12. If you can brighten someone’s day…say it.

Life is simple; man complicates it.