PC problem


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So for the past couple of month I've started to have some problems with my PC.

1) Every time I boot it up the monitor will be flickering for sometime while booting and sometimes at the desktop aswell, it eventually sorts itself out and stops.

2) Every time I boot it up without fail it will go straight to the "Windows error recovery" with the option to either 1) Launch startup repair or 2) Start windows normally - no matter how many times I click option 1) it just goes straight back to the same page.
Clicking option 2) it will either start windows up correctly or end up crashing, turning off, or rebooting and going to the same page, eventually option 2) loads the PC.

3) While booting the PC, either before it gets to the Windows Error Recovery page or after it will sometimes just turn itself off, this can even happen if it gets to the desktop and I have been doing something for 5mins or so.

Yesterday my monitor wouldn't come on but the power button was just flashing, I could tell the PC had loaded because I could see the details on my G15 LCD display, I had a spare Graphics card and popped that in and the monitor started working again, but all other problems are still there.

I'm trying to save money at the moment so trying to make my PC last as long as I can ><

Win7 btw.

Off to work now.

Thanks for anyone's help!