Mods Mods Mods!


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I am currently using a few mods:

Weight mod:
I can't stand weight limits on inventory :D

Wealthy Vendor with fair price:
I have the vendor set to have 10X his money and pay 30% price instead of the base 10%

XP Gain:
I have the mods default 3X mob XP and 2X Quest XP. I still find leveling a little slow, but then again I haven;t put a lot of time in. I may lower it if I find myself leveling too fast.

Increased Creature Loot:
Just installed this fro reading the article. I'll see how it goes and may un-install if it is too much.

Just looking to make questing a little more "fun" yet not trying to become OP. It was nice to be able to buy the Temarian Armor while it was still useful to me and not when it was out-leveled.


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I'll probably try the Wealthy Vendor mod myself.

The weight doesn't bother me too much. Once I got the saddlebags for my horse, that upped it another 30 points. So far, that's been pretty decent.

XP Gain, I need to slow it down really. There's so much content that I'm still going through and I'm over leveled for it. Then again, I'm being a bit of a completionist so... I'm getting all of the XP possible really.

Let me know on the creature loot. I'm not too upset by the way it is as the moment. However I am starting to notice that the more I attempt to clear an area, there's no more loot to steal from blind peasants, and I still have places to explore and I need that loot from them since the monsters don't drop much. So... at that point, I can see myself actually needing the mod.


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Yea, I can see myself removing the XP mod. I'll let you know if I notice a difference in the loot mod.