Is there a way to run 7d2d server* as admin with RAT?

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I can't seem to find a way to make the server run as admin. Getting some odd errors in game and hoping that may fix it. I can run RAT as admin, but I need the 7d2d server* to start as admin as well.

And thank you for the program btw. It's been a reat help in getting our servers up and running. I was really stuck until we found it, Thank You.
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I guess I don't know what yo mean?
Show us your errors and we can go from there.

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We are running into some Null Exception errors. I don't think RAT is the culprit, but since i use it to launch the server, I'm trying some different things. So that's why I want to run the 7d2d Dedicated Server "as an administrator" WHILE using 7d2d RAT to load it.

We have it modded with War of the Walkers. For the life of me, i cant find an update on my own for that mod, however, the 7d2d Mod Launcher DID (client side, at least). SO, i copied its download path and files, and used them to launch a dedicated server. It's been working, but, we are getting some odd errors.

Also, the map shows the OLD terrain that was generated when it was created. As your draw distance kicks in the roads and terrain level out and show correctly. But it shows us the old map terrain BEFORE roads were laid and poi's. It just renders it away as we approach. Manageable tho, gameplay-wise.
The Null Exception errors are for seemingly random, but increasing in value, entity numbers. A recent # 15188. Highest yet. Some sound reference errors as well. Some shaders not found on occasion when that happens. It's all likely due to me bootlegging non-server-specific files to make it work. BUT< if i can get it to run as admin, i get to check off one more box before wiping it out completely. It is still playable, we are playing, but, im nervous lol.

Again, don't think RAT is responsible, I just hope to be able to use RAT, AND start the server process as an administrator (NOT ingame admin, i know how to do that, and i know how to run basic files and shortcuts as an admin). Thanks for your time.


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There isn't any way (currently) for RAT to start as anything other than the logged in user that RAT is running as.

That being said, you can always start your server with the startdedicated.bat file instead of RAT and run that as admin. RAT will still work fine when you start it with that.

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Ok, ty for the advice. Ill try that later here in a bit and let you know if it was able to resolve the issue. I had tried that at some point but it gave me an odd message so i stopped. Ill look up some information about having a proper batch file as well in case i have an errors there. Thank you again

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Well, manually starting it has been troublesome. I have a startdedicated.bat in the folder with the mod and rest of the files, but when i click it, it says "7daystodieserver not found". The file itself is all defaults for thwere they were installed in a dir, c:\SERVERS\WotW. guts are

@Echo off
rem Starts a dedicated server
rem -quit, -batchmode, -nographics: Unity commands
rem -configfile : Allows server settings to be set up in an xml config file. Use no path if in same dir or full path.
rem -dedicated : Has to be the last option to start the dedicated server.


IF EXIST 7DaysToDieServer.exe (
set GAMENAME=7DaysToDieServer
set LOGNAME=output_log_dedi
) ELSE (
set GAMENAME=7DaysToDie
set LOGNAME=output_log

:: --------------------------------------------
:: REMOVE OLD LOGS (only keep latest 20)

for /f "tokens=* skip=19" %%F in ('dir %GAMENAME%_Data\%LOGNAME%*.txt /o-d /tc /b') do del %GAMENAME%_Data\%%F

:: --------------------------------------------

:: Check WMIC is available
WMIC.EXE Alias /? >NUL 2>&1 || GOTO s_start

:: Use WMIC to retrieve date and time
FOR /F "skip=1 tokens=1-6" %%G IN ('WMIC Path Win32_LocalTime Get Day^,Hour^,Minute^,Month^,Second^,Year /Format:table') DO (
IF "%%~L"=="" goto s_done
Set _yyyy=%%L
Set _mm=00%%J
Set _dd=00%%G
Set _hour=00%%H
Set _minute=00%%I
Set _second=00%%K

:: Pad digits with leading zeros
Set _mm=%_mm:~-2%
Set _dd=%_dd:~-2%
Set _hour=%_hour:~-2%
Set _minute=%_minute:~-2%
Set _second=%_second:~-2%

Set LOGTIMESTAMP=__%_yyyy%-%_mm%-%_dd%__%_hour%-%_minute%-%_second%


:: --------------------------------------------

echo|set /p="251570" > steam_appid.txt
set SteamAppId=251570
set SteamGameId=251570


echo Writing log file to: %LOGFILE%

start %GAMENAME% -logfile "%LOGFILE%" -quit -batchmode -nographics -configfile=serverconfig.xml -dedicated

echo Starting server ...
timeout 15


echo Server running in background, you can close this window.
echo You can check the task manager if the server process is really running.


- Again, this file is in the server directopry, and ive never made a batch file for this game myself. If RAT stores its startdedicated.bat somewhere else, i cant find it.


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Running application as admin? Very bad idea. No Professional would do that.
Better try to make it run as user. ;)

If i set up a server i start making a new user who has access to the files it needs and nowhere else.