Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon

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Howl at the Moon

Come join a high performance server with chat commands to help you with your survival. Test you your base building skills on a hardcore server with plenty on PvP action. Shoot first and friend later! We await your sacrifice...


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Server Rules:

1. No hacking, exploiting, or duping
2. Do not spam chat window
3. Do not destroy lootable items
4. Be respectful of Server and Admins
===== Violation of theses rules will get you Banned =====

Helpful Chat Commands:

- Show a list of in-game commands
/help - Displays a list of useful commands and website address
/admin - Displays the server admins
/settings - Displays the game settings
/map - Displays the Live map website address
/website - Displays the community website address
/fixleg - heals a broken or sprained leg for a fee
/who - Displays a list of players that have been in the area in last 24 hours
/fixleg - Heals a sprained of broken leg for a fee
/cure - researches a cure that kills all Zeds in a radius
/zGate - creates a waypoint you can teleport to for
/gimmie - Gives you random items for a fee

For full list of command and other settings please visit