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Discussion in 'The Witcher 3' started by Ronus, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Ronus

    Ronus Member JFF Member

    So, I saw that [MENTION=8]Alicia[/MENTION] posted in the shoutbox that she was playing Gwent. I have also been getting as many cards as I can. I found this site to be the most helpful as far as trying to find cards :

    Many other websites just copy/paste the Prima Guide stuff for Gwent and it's both not really helpful and incorrect for a bunch of cards.

    Figured we can use this thread to post helpful hints for both playing and getting cards.
  2. Ronus

    Ronus Member JFF Member

    Some tips to finding cards:

    * Play EVERYONE that you can right from the beginning, especially the first guy in the Inn that does the tutorial (which I didn't). Some of the characters won't re-appear later in the game, but apparently the Devs are putting things in place to get missed cards.

    * Check EVERY vendor in every town you enter - Merchants, Innkeepers, Armor, Weaponsmiths etc... and buy every card they offer no matter what faction.

    * Some vendors won't appear in some towns until you free the from some of the ? quests.

    Tips for playing:

    * You have to have 22 base cards to use a deck, special cards don't count towards that total. Only use 22 base cards, no more. I throw in 3 decoys, 1 scorch and 2 line boost cards (forgot the name) I usually don't use weather cards unless someone I play focuses on one line.

    * If you have spy cards and will lose a round, play them all as they boost the opponents score

    * Decoy cards can be very powerful if used correctly. You can use it on a Medic card to pull it off the field and replay it (essentially grabbing 2 cards from your discard pile, or saving it for next round if you are losing). They are also great to pull Spy cards that are used against you.

    * Check your Leader cards, you start with 2 and I switched to the alternate North Deck Leader, to clear all weather cards.
  3. Silifaira

    Silifaira JFF Administrator JFF Member

    I haven't played much at all. My deck is so sad, I always have to forfeit.
  4. Dsan

    Dsan Active Member JFF Member JFF Supporter

    I can't get myself to do it. I already own plenty of card games in real life... it also seems like if I'm going to play Witcher, I'm going to play Witcher.
    There's a been a few times I accidentally began a match but I always forfeit right away so I can get back to what I was doing.
  5. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    I'm exactly the same, I skipped the tutorial, etc... Because if this is the only place I'm going to play it... I don't want to take the time to learn it. Although, I'll probably have to at some point as I know there are things Sili has done that while they didn't "require" you to win, you probably wanted to so you got that outcome in the game.

    But... like most things, I'll probably cave and learn it enough to do what I want in the game and only that much. But, I'm glad it's there for people that like this kinda thing.

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