Guild and City Name


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That'd be yesterday actually. :P

But I agree it seems a little fishy. I'm curious what deadline they're working with that it had to be completed by last night.

I can't imagine they'd be overly resistant to an extension...


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oh I looked at Zynns post date and didn't realize it was yesterday.

But yea, something is off a bit. They are going to take programming time right now to render the city statues? I guess the world is built the land masses are coded, the NPC's are built, housing is complete - so now they have extra time on their hand to build these.....

Stupid if you ask me - these should be done AFTER beta, if anything.


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Well I ended up not submitting anything, and along with a few other posters, suggested that we be allowed to submit our statue after release. So keep at it Zynn, and when you're ready I'll submit it and see if he'll go for it. Worst case is he says no and we just don't have a statue, not that big of a deal in the scheme of things.