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This is just a quick and dirty post, I'll be making some actual documentation later.

Grab Bag System

What is it?

Also known as a "gimme" system it is a way to reward your players with loot, just for playing on your server. It encourages people to stick around and get a grab bag, and a better server population is what you're after. =)​

How to configure it

Open the Grab Bag Editor (the gift box icon in the main toolbar of RAT)​

In the "Settings" area you can set the overall configuration of the GB system.​

Whether or not the system is enabled at all

Allow All (Currently unused, ignore it)

Minimum Level Required of a player to use the grab bag system

Minutes between bags, how long before a player can get another bag?​

Bag Editor

With RAT, you can have multiple grab bags and you can configure what you want in each bag, among other things. This allows for a great deal of variety.​

Bag Name - Just a name, so you can easily identify which bags are what when editing them.

Active - If you want to disable a bag for some reason, but not delete it, uncheck this box.

Default - This is the bag someone will get no matter what, it is the fall back bag, a consolation. By default, I give people a single 9mm bullet for their own head. ;)

Percentage Chance - This is the percentage chance that this bag will be chosen among all bags listed.
A breakdown on bag percentage chance.
  • Bag 1 - 50% chance
  • Bag 2 - 50% chance
  • Bag 3 - 10% chance
  • Bag 4 - 75% chance

When a player requests a grab bag, RAT will get a random number between 1 and 100. Using the above bags as an example, if RAT internally "rolled" 40, then bags 1,2,4 are possible "winners" for the player.​

RAT then takes only the winning bags, and then again, randomly chooses one of those bags to award to the player.​

Bag Contents

This is what is actually in the bag that the player can win.​

To add items to the bag, select an item in the "Available Bag Items" window and click the Green Plus sign.​

Item Editor

This is where things tend to confuse people the most, so I'll try and be clear.

The system that gives players items, has a specific list of items that can be given. All of these items are listed in the drop down "Item Name", you can type in your own item name, in-case there is an update that adds new items, but RAT hasn't been updated yet to include them.

Each item has various attributes, such as quantity and quality. Some items don't have a quality, so that is why you would uncheck the "Has quality" box if it doesn't.

From there, you can set the upper and lower bounds for both quantity and quality.

RAT will then randomly choose a number between those upper and lower bounds when awarding this item to a player.

Percentage chance is the chance overall that this item will be included in the grab bag when a player rolls that bag. If you want to be sure a player gets the item, set this to 100.

You can create multiple items with the same name, with different attributes. This allows you to say, give a chance for a lower quality AK-47 in a lesser bag, but in a very rare bag, give a higher quality AK-47.

Once you "create" your item, then click Save. This will add the item to the "Available Bag Items" list.

From here, you can click an item to edit it, or highlight an item, then click the green Plus icon under "Bag Contents" to add the selected item to the current bag.

Players then can use the Custom Command (You can change this in the Custom Commands section) !gb to request a grab bag.​

It is a good idea to have your players be sure they are in a clear area before doing this, as the only way to give players items is to drop them at their feet. So they should be in a safe area with a clear view under them.


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Is it possible to change the message when command !gb is entered?

Normally he writes: "It looks like you pulled the short straw, here is your consolation prize."' But I want my message/


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Is it possible to change the message when command !gb is entered?

Normally he writes: "It looks like you pulled the short straw, here is your consolation prize."' But I want my message/
Not currently, but I'll work on it. =)