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Event commands are custom commands I've written and now exposed so that you can use them from within the Script section of events. All event commands are prefixed with a . (period) when calling them. Multiple Parameters are separated by two || (pipes).

Commands with a second parameter of either PUBLIC or PRIVATE, means that the command responses will be sent to public chat, or whispered privately to the person that initiated the command.

All examples below, would be pasted into the Script section of an event.

See the Event Variables thread for information about each variable that the content it can contain.

Example: .SENDTOIRC: {player_name} has connected to the server!
Example: .SENDEMAIL:SubjectText||BodyText||toemail@address.com
All emails are sent FROM the address specified from within the RAT Settings​

Example: .SEENPLAYER:PUBLIC:{seen_name}||The last the time I saw {seen_name} was {seen_time}.||I've never seen {seen_name} here on {servername}
There are many responses from the grabbag system, I will be working to allow customization of these at a later time.​

Example: .NEXTBLOODMOON:PUBLIC:The bloodmoon is tonight!!||The next blood moon is in {bloodmoon_days} days.​

Example: .ADDTELEPORT:PRIVATE:Destination Added, Name : {tele_dest_name}, Location: {tele_dest_loc}||You are at the maxium of {tele_dest_max} teleport destinations. Either remove, or overwrite an existing destination.​

Example: .REMOVETELEPORT:PRIVATE:Destination '{tele_dest_name}' successfully deleted.||Unable to delete '{tele_dest_name}' destination, make sure the destination name is correct and try again.​

Example: .LISTTELEPORTS:PRIVATE:Name: {tele_dest_name}, Position: {tele_dest_loc}||No teleport destinations found.​

Example: .TELEPORT:PRIVATE:Teleporting you to '{tele_dest_name}'||Unable to find destination '{tele_dest_name}'||You must wait {tele_dest_time} minutes between teleports.​

Example: .CLAIMSERVERVOTE:PUBLIC:Thanks for your vote, here is a little something for your effort!||Unable to find your vote! Visit 7 Days To Die Server List | 7 Days To Die Multiplayer Servers to vote!||Nice try, but you've already claimed your vote for today!
Example: .RANDOMNUMBER:1,100
Returns a value as variable {random_number}
Example: .DISCORDW:This will write to the local Discord window in RAT
Writes whatever you say to the Discord local window. Does not actually send to Discord.​


Example: .CHATW:This will write to the local Chat window in RAT
Writes whatever you say to the Chat local window. Does not actually send to game chat.
Example: .DSAY:Hello Discord peeps!
Sends the content to Discord​
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