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As the Kickstarter campaign comes to a close (approx noon on Friday depending on timezone) I was thinking about getting all of our Kickstarter and Greed Monger forum information together in order to submit the information to Jason once he makes the request. I think we can all still submit our information individually however I thought I would also submit it as a group to help ensure that we're all placed together.

So if you guys could please post your Kickstarter and/or Greed Monger forum name, final pledge amount and total number of parcels you will have, I will submit it all to Jason in a single response to help make sure we get what we're wanting.

I understand if some of you prefer to keep your Kickstarter information private, so feel free to not provide anything you don't want to provide, and I'll just send in what we have. :)


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Kickstarter: Alicia Monique Nielsen
Greed Monger: Lisha
Amount: $25
Parcels: 1


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Chris can I get your Greed Monger forum name please? I'm in the middle of filling out the survey from Jason. Thanks.


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The latest update on the KS website is asking us to fill out a survey, and he's asking for it to be done ASAP.

Here is the form : http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/eZa27As2Tj72a8zh06

There is a climate preference box at the bottom. If we want to stay close we should all probably write the same thing in the box. Maybe even do a post here that everyone can copy/paste.

[MENTION=25]Deuce[/MENTION] - since you have the village and are planning to send something to Jason anyway. Did you want to write up something here that we can just copy over to the emailmeform? This way we all have the same thing written down....


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I was trying to find this thread earlier....

Biotek - $25 - 1 Parcel

Already did the climate survey, if it matters:
grass, tropical, arctic, desert, volcanic.


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Here is what I have written up so far, advice is welcome:

Climate Preference:
1. Grasslands
2. Tropical
3. Arctic
4. Desert
5. Volcanic

I would also like to request the following guildmates to be placed together with me in the Grasslands climate (Greed Monger forum names):
Trekkan - 4 parcels
Morigen - 4 parcels
Lisha - 1 parcel
biotek - 1 parcel
Hyip - 1 parcel
Ronus - 4 parcels

If possible, we would like our plots in the Grasslands climate, but as close as possible to the border of the Volcanic lands.

If it is possible to split up my 54 parcels, I would like to break them up as follows:

Grasslands Climate - 40 parcels
Tropical Climate – 4 parcels
Arctic Climate – 4 parcels
Desert Climate – 4 parcels
Volcanic Climate – 2 parcels
Just need to get Chris' GM forum name and I think he is the last to add. Let me know if I've missed anyone.
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