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Ark Dreamtime PVP | For Gamers on the Ark Dreamtime PVP Server
West 1 is closes location to the base.

Welcome to the website of the Dreamtime PVP Ark Server.

Server Name: Dreamtime PVP 4xXP 4xT 2xH 5xBreed +Events
Server IP:

Launched on June 22nd 2016 we have three primary goals for this server:

  1. Encourage online PVP.
    Nothing is worse than logging on to all of your dinosaurs killed and your belongings stolen. To help encourage online PVP we have installed the Offline Raid Protection Modwhich makes offline raiding a little harder though not impossible. The drops have been improved and they are well worth fighting for so check your surroundings before running in for those loot drops!
  2. Encourage long-term players.
    We have been frustrated by Ark servers that wipe every two to three weeks, often without warning. The goal with this server is to wipe as infrequently as possible. That means it is worth your time setting up a Kibble Farm, starting a Breeding Project and building structures like a well defended Sea Pen. Any wipes will be discussed well in advance and only happen if the majority of the active players are in favor.
  3. Official style gameplay with minimal admin interference.
    There isn't a list of complicated rules with subjective assessments to be made about whether a tribe is violating them, or not. Essentially what is okay on an official server is okay on this server. You can enjoy the game the way the developers intended you to. You can find a more detailed explanation on the Rules page.