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Custom Commands - by Njinir (Engineer)

Discussion in 'General' started by Njinir, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Greetings! I am the admin of TheWalkingZed and want to share how awesome RAT is when it comes to events. I will keep adding to this post as I continue to expand the awesomeness.

    Ground Rules:
    1) I am not a genius, so no I cant create unicorns.
    2) I am always on discord. Just message me.

    1) Name: TP Menu
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: Equals:!tp
    Script: say "[00FFF] Set your home point by typing !at Home, !rt to remove, !lt to list, !t followed by a name to teleport there.

    2) Name: Radio for Help!
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!radiohelp||ALEVEL:<11||COOLDOWN:24H
    se {player_id} 103
    say "Thank you for your patronage! Here is a gift from the Rage Admin Team!"
    say "You may use this command once per day."

    **NOTES** This is so that VIPs get a crate spawned to them 1 time a day. I have my VIPs as admin level 7**

    3) Name: Radio for Help!
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!unlock||ALEVEL:<2
    Script: tile access /id={player_id} /r=10
    **Notes** This unlocks everything around an admin that uses the command (Chests/Doors)

    4) Name: Jail
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!jail||ALEVEL:<2
    say "[FF0000] {player_name} has sent {2} to jail! Rot sucka!"
    teleportplayer {2} {tele_Jail}
    **Notes** An admin types !jail bob and then Bob goes to Jail.
    Now - Effectiveness - I have a few ideas here.
    - You can set up a script for all new players that says admin add {player_id} 800 so that all new players are set at 800. Then add a line to this script (below teleportplayer) that says admin add {player_id} 1000. This will lower there permissions to 1000 (normal). Now - set all teleport permissions to use ALEVEL:<900. This means your jailed player cannot use teleport commands to leave.

    5) Name: Safehouse
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!safe
    teleportplayer {{player_name}} {tele_Safe}
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] You have been teleported to the safehouse."
    ***Notes*** This teleports a player to the safehouse. Use it as a template for your teleport locations.

    6) Name: VIP Lounge
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!lounge||ALEVEL:<11||COOLDOWN:1H
    teleportplayer {{player_name}} {tele_Lounge}
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] VIPs may use the lounge command to go to the VIP Lounge."
    **NOTES** This is a teleport that only a VIP can use, and only one time an hour.

    7) NAME: Help
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!help
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] Type !tp for teleport help. Type !commands for list of commands. All commands begin with !."
    **Notes** This is just a simple help file. I use !help and also !commands for a list of player commands.

    8) Teleport Njinir
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!Njinir
    teleportplayer {{player_name}} "Njinir"
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] You have been teleported to the Admin."
    **Notes** This is something I use at the beginning of every event. They teleport to me so we can do crazy stuff.

    9) Name: Hunting
    Type: Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!hunt||COOLDOWN:2h
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "You activated Animal Hunting. Check for spawns nearby!"
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "This is a special Thank You from the Admin Team. You may activate it once every 2 hours!"
    se {player_id} 81
    se {player_id} 82
    se {player_id} 83
    se {player_id} 84
    **Notes** This will spawn animals for players to hunt. Everyone can use the command once per 2 hours.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  2. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Name: Starterkit
    Type: New Player Connected
    Conditions: none
    Script: bc-give {{player_name}} gunPistol /c=1 /q=1
    bc-give {{player_name}} ammo9mmBullet /c=150
    bc-give {{player_name}} foodCanChili /c=3
    bc-give {{player_name}} drinkJarBoiledWater /c=3
    bc-give {{player_name}} cowboyHat /c=1
    bc-give {{player_name}} leatherPoncho /c=1
    **NOTES** You can continue to expand this one soooo much.
    It gives the items at 1 minute into the game (so they are nice and settled).
  3. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Name: Shutdown
    Type: Discord Public Chat
    Conditions: STARTSWITH:!shutdown
    Script: shutdown
    **NOTES** My admins have access to the discord channel. They type !shutdown in discord and the server shuts down.
    I am hosted so it comes right back up. It can help since we all have discord on our phone.
    THUS - we have game chat... on our phone - THANK YOU RAT!
  4. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Name: Motd (Message of the Day)
    Type: Player Spawn Join
    Conditions: none
    Script: sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] Welcome {player_name} to TheWalkingZed!"
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] Type !commands for a list of commands."
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "[00FFFF] New Traders are on the 3rd Floor! Type !safe to go visit them."
    **NOTES** I made this just after I put traders on the 3rd floor of the safe house.
    Whenever someone logs in, it gives them a message. It can be used as a template.
  5. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Items I am working on adding:

    Mute Player (to the point that RAT does not respond.
    This is to add a tag onto my !jail command.
    If RAT doesnt respond, they can't leave the jail.

    Admin Login Notice
    I am working with the Player spawn join to get it to
    identify an admin and put in chat, something like
    say "{player_name} has joined! Hide the bodies and booze!!"

    What I want that I might not get?
    A zone system or protection system (but really....not a must have)
    Lots of security tools, but I will be looking at BC for those.
    Watchlist that notifies admins of bad players, in game, and at login.
    Reset Player Profile from in game command
    Reserved Slot from in game or maybe just in RAT
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
  6. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    These are awesome, thank you for sharing them. As we talked about, I'll be adding some of these to the default RAT installation. =)

    Also @Njinir Your hunt command, RAT has a random function in it. You could randomly pick a number for the animal types that spawn and their number. =) So your hunts would be totally different each time.
  7. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Teleport to Friend (aka Friend Teleport)
    Player Public Chat
    tele {player_id} {2}
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "Any abuse of the friend teleport results in a ban. Any player grieving will be an immediate ban."

    **Note: I have a PvE server that is mostly community based. This teleports any player to another player.
    Example: !friend bob
    I added
  8. Njinir

    Njinir New Member JFF Member 7D2D RAT Supporter

    Temp Grab Bag (A17 not working yet)
    Player Public Chat
    se {player_id} 103
    sayplayer {{player_name}} "Thank you for your contribution! You may use this command once every 24 hours."
    ***Note: This spawns a crate so that people remember to use !gb until its fixed.***

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