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CAT (Conan Admin Tool) 00024

Admin tool for Conan Exiles

  1. Kaynell

    Kaynell New Member

    Yep, RCON will come asap, I guess... Lets give it a time. But I believe in CE and CAT. Let's watch the project and who knows, maybe this will be so popular as ARK:SE or near that!

    P.S. I can help translate CAT to russian language - it's about 250 million of potential users ^^
  2. Safetybrick

    Safetybrick New Member

    Hey Trekkan

    Just following up from the conversation on discord. saw your post about the updates to CAT but if you have some time and willing. I noticed that CAT creates an entry in the Engine.ini of GameServerQueryPort and GameServerPort. While the GameServerQueryPort is recognized it looks like the GameServerPort entry is not. I noticed this when i used some ports other then the default. I manually added the following entry in the ini which seemed to fix the problem:


    would it be possible to update CAT so it makes this entry instead of GameServerPort under [OnlineSubsystemSteam]?

    Thanks again for your work on this management tool!
  3. Z3R0

    Z3R0 New Member

    Hi I have a question? With me the mods do not load can you help me there further?

  4. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    Hey there, please see this thread regarding CAT.

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