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I only had a couple of hours to try it out, unfortunately that meant doing the same thing I did last beta, trying to make a toon and then going through the beginning stuff. So really, I don't feel like I have a good feel of the game yet. What I did experience felt a lot of "quest, turn in, next quest, turn in" and "How the hell do I navigate this UI?!"

I DO like the game, but at this point, nothing that is compelling me to be all "THIS IS THE BEST MMO EVER!" stuffs. But, it'll be fun for the maybe couple months I play it. That is, at this point, who knows what else is going to be added and that I haven't seen yet, etc... Maybe I'll change my mind and it will be the best MMO ever. ;)

This weekend-only beta testing trend, is pretty lame. I don't see why they do this. Beta testing used to go on for weeks at a time for MMOs.

The game seems ok so far. It does need work, and I agree that being unable to swap from a bow to a sword without going into the inventory each time, is crappy.

I still have high hopes for Everquest Next, as the "it" game next year.


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EQ Next is pretty much the next major MMO I'm looking forward to myself. I plan on making a bigger deal out of that game and JFF when the time comes. New blood and all that. =)


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Well, I was not impressed with ESO. I kept getting flashbacks of Rappelz (Korean Grind Fest) with an Elder Scrolls skin...

I was impressed by the skill setups, but the non-group, instanced questing really put me off. It really felt like the game didn't want us to group up. =(