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Discussion in 'Diablo 3' started by Wretched, May 17, 2012.

  1. Wretched

    Wretched Member JFF Member

    Okay, we need to get every one's battletag or email on in one place. So here it is! (go me) you can list your battle tang in the format name#number you need both to see your full battle tag you need to click on the friends list button in the lower right hand corner and click add friend. your battle tag will be on the upper part of the window that opens. You can also just log into (link below). If you have the Real ID enabled on your settings you can use the email the person registered with. link: (your full battle tag will be on the left side of the page)

    Please use this format when posting.

    JFF Name
    Diablo 3 Name

    JFF: Wretched
    D3: Wretched
    Tag: Wretched#1895

    JFF: Chris
    D3: Vintal
    Tag: ???

    JFF: Trekkan
    D3: Trekkan
    Tag: Trekkan#1720

    JFF: Dsan
    D3: Biotek
    Tag: Biotek#1369

    JFF: Hansbrick
    D3: Hansbrick
    Tag: Hansbrick#1639

    JFF: SlipWraith
    D3: SlipWraith
    Tag: SlipWraith#1748

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