Backups not working

I recently discovered that none of my backups are working. It's created a .zip file, for sure, but it's only 1kb. So, it's not actually backing up anything.

I guess I'm confused on what settings I need to use to get the RAT program to actually save my game files correctly.

So, under "Server Settings" we have:
Server Path:
Save Game Path:

Then, under Backup/Restore
Save Game Location:
Backup Destination Location:

Do any of these need to be the same? I'm guessing so, it's not just super clear I guess.

Sorry if I'm asking obvious questions, just super confused, but hopefully easily fixed.
Alright. I figured it out. It wasn't as easy as I wish it would have been and completely lost all my data before. BUT, I finally know how to get backups to work correctly in RAT, using its own logic.

Here's what I figured out.

Server Settings > Server Configuration > Save Game Path:
C:\Users\[your user]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\

Notice it doesn’t include your save game name or world name, leave it that way

If you change this here, you’re not making a new path or folder. This is simply POINTING to where your actual game files are now being saved. So, better off to go find where the default save location is and just point to it here.

Game Settings 1 > Save Game Name
This is your save game name. Make it simple, maybe no spaces. This will actually create a subfolder under your save path.

Game Settings 1 > Game World name
This will also create a subfolder under your save game path

Backup/Restore > Save Game Location:

This is your entire save game path including the zone, but NOT including your Save Game Name, like this:
C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\Navezgane

Why don’t I need to include the Save Game Name?
Because it’s smart enough to figure that out. Just need to point it to the zone folder

Backup Destination Location
This can literally be anywhere

Make sure it works!
Notice there aren’t any file size data with the file names to the right where it list the game backups files
If you didn’t set it up correctly above, it might actually save a file, so it LOOKS like it’s working, but the file will be empty and the .zip will only be 1kb

Test it!
Make a backup after getting everything to work and joining your server to load everything up
Make a backup after that and then go to the backup folder to make sure that the backup .zip file actually has data in it. Should be close to 1mb (9,385kb without mods, with only one character).