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I am currently playing on Serve called OfficialServer438 I have been starting in East Zone 1. This is just a start we can always change servers, but at least have one with a few other players, and a place to get familiar with the game. Anyone have any servers they are playing on or have any ideas please add to the feed.
Code on doors 1234

How to Tame
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Awesome day on ARK :D

Me, @RaveKnave, @YumC. @panzerghost and @Deuce (Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone)
All online together most of the day.

Collecting mats, moving base, timing dino's, hunting, accidentally killing each other, losing our dino's to a trike etc.

After you guys left I tamed a level 30 something Parasaur, it was really good, even though it says they're not that good as a packmule it had 300 weight which was more than the Hippopig looking dino.
I also got it up to level 40 and it had almost 200% run speed......but after exploring I was on my way back and ran into that Carno near the valley.. :(
So I tamed another but only level 9 this time.

Also I can take down Trikes solo :D

I have some screenshots on my steam (for anyone who's not got me added - user = ljdenny1)

I think our next plans should be to get the water system into our base, either from the beach or there is a river bit too.
Then we can start planting stuff hopefully.
Make load of Narcotics and go tame everyone a mount.

Catch you guys tomorrow ^_^


Why am I on fire?
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We will have to go the plumbing network going today, i also need to tame a new mount. We could just take a few more, and leave them at the base with out saddles, so when people who come on can just pick one they like.


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Oh and I forgot to mention big thanks for everyone joining and getting that base up, especially @RaveKnave 's wife and dog for letting him play so long I think ;]

I did irrigation on my lunch-ish break. It looks like an ant maze but it's done.
Oh nice! might check in and have a look before I do some real life stuff.

We could just take a few more, and leave them at the base with out saddles, so when people who come on can just pick one they like.
That was my plan, tame a few, and just leave them in the base, I can make the saddles also so can leave them in the storage and whenever people login they can claim a mount :]


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Wow. You guys move super fast in these games. I think I'll stick to single player...


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Wow. You guys move super fast in these games. I think I'll stick to single player...
When you're working together everything goes quicker, come join in, we can help out and have a nice little set up going :]


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Come get in on the fun @Dsan! None of us know what we are doing, we're all new to the game in the last week I believe.


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Oh man what a wasted night :(

So as Rave left,, the server went down for 15mins, just before this I started taming a raptor....

The Battle of the Raptors
After the reset I struggled to find the raptor again and died a couple of times trying.... I'd almost give up hope when I found it, still loaded with food and Narcoberries.
It took a while but eventually I tamed the level 40 Raptor and named him RawrrImaDinosaur.

Started making my way back to the base with my new companion....and then I get attacked by another Raptor and RawrrImaDInosaur starts to defend me.
I had no weapons on me and as this raptor was around the same level as mine so I'm panicked and start trying to beat on this raptor, as anyone who's played knows the dino's move a lot when fighting and can be hard to hit the right one.

Both raptors are getting bloodied up and then "RawrrImaDinosaur has killed raptor" pops up on the screen and in the same second "Rawrr has killed RawrrImaDinosaur" nooooo!
As the other raptor died and dropped to the ground, my last punch hit my own :(

After that mayhem I decide to farm more mats for taming, but this time I decide to try and tame a Trike.

So I get on my trusty mount Duckiosaurus and walk around with him grabbing all the berries he can off the bushes and we do this for quite some time, to the point where we have 1000 or so berries, including enough Narcoberries to make around 40 Narcotics and 300 or so Mejoberries.

So now I decide to go find a Trike...

The Almost Conquered Three Horn

So I set off alone with a bag full of berries, narcotics and a few tranq arrows to find a lower level Trike.
I find one across the river South of our base, Level 16, perfect!

I start trying to tranq him and then suddenly out of nowhere I am surrounded by a swarm of ants and flies, draining my stamina and health, I couldn't run too far before I felt too drained and they caught and killed me.

So now I need to get my stuff back and make more tranq arrows, this happened 2/3 times of been attacked by different things, sometimes dying, sometimes I got away, but every time I had started to tranq the Trike so I was wasting arrows and had to keep remaking them.

Eventually I got him to sleep, loaded him up with Mejoberries and the Narcotics, I just had to keep us save and keep him sleeping.
But then the worse enemy possible sneaked up on me out of nowhere......stupid human error (or maybe it was the games fault?)
Somehow instead of feeding him the Narcotics I ended up dropping them out of the Trikes inventory....normally this shouldn't be a problem, but they had disappeared... my guess is they were underneath the Trike so I couldn't get them...

I tried getting more and getting back to him, after dying a stupid amount of times I was finally about to get back to the Trike but on the way I spotted a animal I'd not seen obviously (stupidly?) I went for a closer look......oh a Dire Bear and so the chase began.

I thought maybe if I could out run it a bit and feed the Trike some more Narco's to give me more time, but as I was doing so the bear caught me.

And the next time I got back to the Trike....he was awake and wandering around with his friend :(

The end.

Sorry for the essay...
On the plus side...

@RaveKnave @YumC @panzerghost @Deuce
I made some more storage chests and named them and moved everything about.

So we have 5 chests now...
Starting from the far right corner
1 - Fiber :D
2 - Common used mats such as Rock, Wood, Hide, Thatch, Flint etc
3 - Lesser mats - Charcoal, Chitin etc
4 - Weapons, Armor & Tools
5 - Random

Also all the berries & seeds are in the Dino feeder, we have 1000 or so in there.

I also planted 3 lots of Narcoberries in the plots so hopefully they are ready by tomorrow, they seem to take age.
Also I added some more Thatch and poop for the Fertilizer.

Catch you tomorrow.


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Dream Time the place to be!
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A small number of mods including:

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