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Anyone know anything about audio recording software/hardware?

Discussion in 'Electronics and Computing' started by Silifaira, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Silifaira

    Silifaira JFF Administrator JFF Member

    Okay...let me preface this by saying I know nothing about this topic at all. My 14yo daughter has a keyboard, and electric guitar and an electric drum set, all of which she can play fairly well. She would also enjoy singing or having her friends sing. I was thinking of getting her something for Christmas that would allow her to record the different tracks and combine them on her computer. She has an iphone, a macbook air, and access to my PC.

    What would be the best/cheapest way for her to do this?

    I was thinking of something along the lines of this, but would that be overkill? Or does she need more? What kind of software does something like this require. She is not tech savvy, so it would need to be reasonably easy to use.

    How can she get her music onto the computer and save it in a format that she can then play with and combine, then save what she created in a listenable format? Excuse my non-tech lingo, but this really is new territory for me.
  2. Wretched

    Wretched Member JFF Member

    i don't know too much either, but something like that would work great, as long as she can connect them to her computer (with that she can) she will be able to record just about everything and with the right software she can mix stuff up and become the next justin beiber!
  3. Silifaira

    Silifaira JFF Administrator JFF Member

    At least she wouldn't need a sex change.
  4. Chris

    Chris Member JFF Member

    That would be perfect. I went to school for a semester (decided it wasn't worth $30k for a non guaranteed job in a tough to get a job field) to be a recording engineer and we used Protools, which is really the only recording software i know, but that looks great and from the reviews there is a guy who used protools as well and said how awesome fast that was. Looks like it uses "Cubase" as the software, my roommate uses the same and loves it. Everything but the drums were recorded using Cubase. It sounds kind of tinny on Youtube, the production is much better on the actual album.

    Regardless of what you get it's not going to be super easy to lay down tracks, have your timing down, using a metronome and etc. There are tutorials and what not online as well as people you can hire to help with practice if she indeed wants to get serious about it.

    Remember the rule to never "top-out". You always have to make whatever it is that you are recording quieter than you think and in the "green to yellow" range of frequency, if it hits the red it will get staticy and that's a bad recording. You can always turn up and down volumes in the mixing stage, you just have to remember to have a clean record.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2012
  5. Zynn

    Zynn Member JFF Member

    Back in the day, I used to lay tracks by running my guitar and keyboard to my computer using Soundblaster Live platinum with that extra Live drive thing that had all the jacks and MIDI on it. Soundfonts were so fun to play with... I used Cakewalk, then migrated to Cubase... In college, I took a ProTools and sound design class class. I think she will have a total blast with that setup. I think she will quickly learn that having the line-in too high will result in a lot of clipping and popping. Conversely, if the line-in is too low-gain, then trying to amplify it in post will also amplify any unwanted static or noise. Tell her to have fun and experiment. I had many dial settings and mixer layouts memorized in my head.

    Chris: The band you linked is pretty cool, however, I would have pumped up the vocals some more. They get lost in the thick air of sound and become incoherent, unless it is just me getting old.
  6. cbonha01

    cbonha01 Member JFF Member

    um.....hmm, do I dare say that IT IS probably you getting old? lol, j/k
  7. Uziel46

    Uziel46 New Member

    hey everyone

    simply dropping by to say hi

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