Alpha Console, Steam & GTA4


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Does anyone have experience with the Alpha console?

Alpha console, Steam, GTA 4, not launching, fix?

I'd never used one before but my housemate has one (But he doesn't really use it, it's what I've been playing 7D2D & TF2 on lately)

It uses what I assume is Steam OS? Starts off on a red screen and you can then launch Steam and login etc, although there is no desktop as such.

It's just this -

I downloaded GTA 4, but when you launch the game, it gets to the social club login and after that it closes and goes back to Steam.

After reading some things suggest downloading the windows gaming thing, but I'm not sure how to do that on this Alpha console thing.

Anyone know?


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I've never used SteamOS, sorry. But... feel free to keep us updated, so that when I do, I have this thread for reference! ;)


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Not even sure if it is the actually steam OS or what tbh.

Either way I'm actually leaving Darwin now, so no more gaming for me :(

On a plus note I played and finished Saints Row The Third in two days :D
Makes me want to play the previous ones and the forth!