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Alpha 2 is out!

Discussion in '7 Days to Die' started by Rawrr, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Rawrr

    Rawrr Active Member JFF Member


    Waz Up Survivalist,
    I’ll tell you Waz Up folks the long awaited Alpha 2 Release is now out and ready to download and I must tell you it is jammed packed tighter with new features than my momma in her new skinny jeans. So why don’t you head on over to our Customer Portal and login to download it.

    Previous versions of the game will be incompatible with newer versions so we strongly recommend updating now.
    Warrior Buyers will get their game keys late tonight.
    Read on for a complete list of new content, changes and features. So check it out now funk soul brother!
    Official Alpha 2 Release Notes


    Added new large Wasteland city in Navezgane called Gravetown
    Added new housing development in the north central Navezagne on a new street called Husker Ave
    Added giant wasp hives in the burnt forest central region of Navezgane
    Added new Mp Death match maps Wasteland War, Wasteland Skirmish and Forest Skirmish
    Added new zombie horde maps Wasteland Horde and Forest Horde
    Weapons and Items

    Added universal repair wrench tool and recipe for crafting it. Right click to repair broken/damaged blocks and doors
    Added Hunting Rifle and Ammo to the game and to the loot
    Added craftable crossbow and craftable crossbow bolts
    Added craftable pipe bomb that can be lit thrown and will explode in chain reactions
    Added pump shotgun with long barrel
    Added feather item
    Added lootable bird nests to the world
    Added egg item
    Added food item Honey, and implemented into giant mutated hornets hive loot
    AI / Enemies

    Added new wall climbing Spider Zombie
    Added new Zombie Dogs that run faster than zombies
    Added new Acid Puking Hulk Zombie Cop whose acid vomit melts blocks and he explodes with low health*BURP!*
    Added giant mutated hornets and hive POI’s for them *BZZZZZZZZZ!*
    Added a new burnt zombie to the burnt forest
    Added new spawning system improvements
    Added a new base zombie sound set
    Added new base zombie climb ladder behavior

    New Menu Theme with new background, options and layout
    Added customization for game modes including: game difficulty with 5 levels to choose from, user defined 24 Hour cycle, friendly fire toggle, enemies spawn toggle, public/private game options, cheats toggle, password setting and more
    Added new List box for levels with scrolling with 5 new levels and 2 new game modes
    Added scoreboard which can be shown by holding the TAB key (You can set the key bindings for this to something else if you like)
    Added a FOV (Field of View) slider to graphics options for our players who get nausea (sorry it took so long!)
    Added Credits Screen

    Added cabinet side texture for new houses and integrated into modern house art key
    Added glass shower texture for new houses and integrated into modern house art key
    Added new end tables, end tables with lamps to modern house
    Added Created range top texture and implemented into new houses
    Added soffit to modern shingle blocks
    Added bird nest loot, eggs and feathers to desert biome
    Added bird nest to certain trees, barns, roofs and other hidden areas
    Added new museum/bank building and textures
    Added New chunk region format with less chunk files
    New file format for chunks – Old worlds can be converted to the new format [We recommend just starting a new world]

    Added new game Server Browser for finding and connecting to games which shows game name, host, world, mode and more. Can also kick and ban users
    Implemented a day 9 and beyond in hoard mode
    Added new multiplayer mode – Horde Mode – Added first pass on hoard mode
    Added new multiplayer mode – Deathmatch
    Added new MP Forest Horde map
    Added new MP Forest Skirmish map
    Added MP Wasteland Skirmish map
    Added MP Wasteland War map
    Added MP Wasteland Horde map
    Created Various supply crate entities and texture assets for MP maps
    Added Server side recipe list download for connected clients.
    Added web based control panel access for dedicated servers
    Added master server list and server registration for server browser
    Switched network communication protocol to Unity’s RPC mechanism. Now hopefully more than 8 players should be running smoothly
    NAT Punchthrough for player ran servers as well as dedicated servers.
    Added new deathmatch airdrop supply volumes to wasteland war and skirmish maps
    Added a new serverconfig.xml for the dedicated server that uses all game options
    Dedicated Server Settings include:

    ServerPort – specifies the port used to connect to the server
    ServerIsPublic – If true, the game will show up in the server browser
    ServerName – The name of your server
    ServerPassword – Specifies required password to connect to a server. Leave blank for no pass
    ServerMaxPlayerCount – Specifies the maximum amount of players (max 64)
    GameWorld – The game map you wish to use for the server (usually Navezgane)
    GameName – The name of your game/who hosts
    GameDifficulty – Specifies the difficulty for the game. 0 = easiest. 4 = hardest
    GameMode – Specifiy the game mode type. : GameModeSurvival, GameModeDeathmatch, GameModeZombieHorde)
    EnemySpawning – If true, enemies will spawn in the game
    ShowAllPlayersOnMap – If true, players will show up on the map
    BuildCreate – If true, creative mode will be enabled to use
    DayNightLength – Sets the 24 hour time in minutes. Default is 40 minutes for 24 hours
    DayCount – Specifies the amount of days for hordemode( only for horde mode, use 0 for unlimited)
    FragLimit – specifies amount of frags/kills to reach before game ends in deathmatch(only for deathmatch, use 0 for disabled)
    MatchLength – specifies the length of the match that will end the game if the fraglimit isn’t reached(only for deathmatch, use 0 for unlimited)
    RebuildMap – If true, when the round ends for a full game the map will be reset to it’s original state
    ControlPanelPort – Specifies the port to access the web control-panel
    ControlPanelPassword – Specifies the password to access the web control-panel
    Changes General

    Changed barbed wire fences recipe to use sticks instead of power poles
    Changed barbed wire recipe to use forging metal
    Added concrete to general supplies
    Added general supplies to hoard drops
    Changed hardness of “leaves” material so pine tree & dead tree branches can easily be destroyed and they now have a 100% chance of dropping a stick so players can make clubs easily pretty much anywhere.
    Torch and car fire have now burning sounds
    If you drop a torch, now it doesn’t continue burning (the particles are switched off
    Added m136 rocket launcher reloads to both controllers
    Added hunting rifle to fire sounds so zombies can hear it, lowered sniper rifle volume
    When reloading a weapon, the ammo is instantly consumed now. If the player switches to another hotkey slot while the reload animation is playing, the gun is not reloaded and the ammo consumed is restored.
    Increased rocket entity damage
    Made it so anything stone destroyed drops destroyed stone, and then you can create cobblestone from 4 pieces of it.
    Removed thin corrugated metal recipe because it was redundant with thinmetalplate
    Added crossbow reload sound
    Weapons found in loot containers will now have a random chance of having between 25%-75% durability left to use.
    Tree leaves don’t fall any more when hit with a single shot (f.e. pistol / axe)
    Rewrote game mode, difficulty and level descriptions
    Added Ladder Climbing animations for female player
    Removed a bunch of First Person Male animations and now share with female
    Added Rocket Launcher reload animation – New rocket particle effect – New rocket ammo model and texture
    There is now a small delay between dropping items. You cannot spam the Q button anymore.
    Improved reload animations for all weapons
    Rocks can be picked up and crafted into stone, and then stone can be crafted into throwing rocks. – Throwing rocks will make a noise and should attract nearby zombies that don’t see the player
    The “loot label” in the game on loot containers is now hidden by the bag again
    Added new beds to modern houses
    Metal trussing is easier to destroy
    Game Options now saved with the save game
    Fixed problem that sleeping bag icon wasn’t removed when sleeping bag fell down
    When picking up a torch now you get the item and not the block torch
    Added a delay of 0.8s to throwing rocks
    Changes Items

    Barbed wire fences now do less damage
    Wooden spikes now do less damage
    Animated Wrench / Repair tool and added repair sound
    Some items now have new and better models and icons
    You now need to use paper instead of sticks to create a campfire
    Increased iron ingots in supply crates and how much you get from ore
    Blocks involved in an explosion now drop its destroyed block with a chance of 50%
    Blocks involved in falling now drop its destroyed block with a chance of 70%
    Reduced the amount of metal trussing you get from short metal pipes and amount of short metal pipes you get from forging metal
    Changes Multiplayer

    Removed port setting in options (Networking) and moved to single player creation on the create new game screen.
    Raised all supply drop volumes in the Dm and Horde levels to 150
    Added a temp sound + text for the zombie horde mode whenever a wave starts
    Changed logic for “rebuild map: never”. Old: player inventory was cleared, new: player keeps his inventory
    In horde mode the state of the dynamic spawner is now saved too. Now there is not always a “New horde” on continuing a saved horde mode game
    Delete Save game button added to Continue Game screen
    Kick/Ban functionality added to console commands
    Game Browser now has search input at the top, searches game name and game host
    Ping added to server entries on Game Browser
    Climb animation is now also shown on clients
    Increased chance of getting water in horde supply crate drops
    Supply crates are also saved in DM and horde games
    Changes HUD/Menu

    Added new Coming Next features background to the game
    Game mode options now have a default and a restore defaults so you can get back to the original settings
    Updated all map menu thumbnails so they are new and unique
    Messages now show up by default and the F2 Menu has been removed and replaced with the (default) TAB key that brings up the scoreboard
    Player icon now blinks on map (M)
    Made pressing TAB in the username field, jump into the password field at the login screen
    Added game options description to right hand panel
    Added a default “no image” for levels without a set image
    Added background music. Made background music fade in on menu and fade out on game play
    Game browser now has a column text limitation
    All Main menus changed to follow new theme
    Redid the server login of a client to better fit the lobby concept
    “Version is not valid any more” is only shown once on startup now instead of every quit to the main menu
    Added drop down box for the max number of allowed players on the create new game screen.
    Added game option that allows the player to set 24 hour cycle length in minutes.
    Removed background shadow sprites from game scene escape UI.
    Added new layout list of saved games on Continue Game Screen
    New menu sounds and music added
    HUD tweaks to switch locations of status bars
    Changes AI /Enemies

    Zombies don’t attack meaningless blocks anymore
    Zombies navigate fencing and other oddly shaped blocks properly
    Improved collision performance
    Implemented fat zombie special run anim
    Zombies will now climb ladders to get to you
    Increased Zombie spawning time for general biome zombies to address mass spawning
    Gave regular fat zombies fat zombie cop melee attack
    Added despawn rules: Zombies that are not spawned from a static POI spawner get despawned when they dont have a target any more
    Zombies now only run when there is a target/something they’re interested in
    Hornets will have honey on them on death
    Hulk’s vomit lightened in color
    Hulk explosion particles improved
    Changes Other

    Added placeholder sounds for all thrown or dropped objects
    Replaced window_paned01.png with smaller tiling tga version
    Special characters are no longer allowed in game names
    Internal change of saving of chunks: file handle is now kept open so that should lead to better save performance
    New water texture for game for non reflective water setting
    Add 0 to game options as infinite value
    Remappable keys added for Scoreboard and Console.
    In order to show certain MP maps, you must now have the gamemode selected
    Disabled Debug feature NUMPAD – (minus) and NUMPAD + (plus) and NUMPAD ENTER for release builds
    Darkened Supply Crate texture.
    New cobweb textures
    Removed all old cars from the game clearing up new texture space
    Removed model tree stump and leaves texture. Visit camp sites and make sure they don’t have a stone tree stump block in place
    Added xml file for level information – xml has allowed game name, game modes and description.
    Updated Navezgane bridges with central middle metal support for improved stability
    Made special bridge materials/blocks asphalt, metal, concrete and wood which helped the strength of the bridges. They still have a few blocks that sometimes fall in the center from the players weight but they are much better
    Updated inventory icons (GUI) for food, weapons and tools
    Added modern style furniture to Block model sets modular leather couch, end tables, lamp big screen TV
    Removed sticks dropping from leaves except for dead bushes
    Day/Night Length now deafaults to 30 minutes rather than a minute if registry key does not exist
    Several GameOptions set to not be persistent, these should no longer save in registry but instead use the default value if not set in new game or continue game
    Fixed preview image for small rock
    Bug Fixes

    Fixed (Should be) a server bug where items dropped on a server could not be picked up, and zombies were invincible – If this bug occurs again, please let us know.
    Fixed a bug that sounds of a breaking tree was too loud
    Fixed crash with NullReferenceException
    Fixed a problem that dynamic spawners weren’t spawning regularly
    Fixed a bug where the player could spam rockets, and other general gun shots by switching to another hotkey slot and back quickly
    Fixed a bug where the player could bypass the reloading animation to shoot again.
    Fixed a bug where general biome zombies and animals despawned too quickly
    Fixed all trees so stability works properly with them
    Fixed Zombie console error problem
    Fixed streetlight prefabs so stability works with them
    Fixed a bug where a dedicated server would not start a new round
    Fixed a bug where the Back button was not working in Options menu
    Fixed a problem where the player would take damage in cornfields with 0 damage from falling plant pieces
    Fixed issue where Option widths on new dropdown menu were not wide enough and now highlight when mousing over the options
    Fixed a bug where capital letters in a game name would count as special characters
    Fixed a bug where the Music volume slider did not work
    Fixed swung club to pistol transition
    Fixed held block to weapon transition
    Fixed pistol reload animation
    Fixed bug where zombies sometimes spawned below earth level or in a wall
    Fixed a bug where the player could place certain items that have low durability points into the crafting table to restore durability points back without using a second item to repair.
    Fixed a bug where the player could fall between 6-10 blocks high and take fall damage but get healed instead of losing health
    Fixed a bug with the metal to dirt impact particles
    Fixed a bug where pressing escape while the inventory/loot container was open would not close it properly.
    Fixed MP5 rotation bug when zoomed in
    Fixed a bug where the inventory would stay open when opening the sniper scope zoom
    64bit Installer installs the game in the correct location now
    Fixed problem that Overall Audio Sound Level was not working (due to a Unity 4.2 bug)
    No more weird sounds on entering a level any more
    Fixed big dupe bug where a player could press Q on certain items and not lose any from inventory
    Fixed male first person not crouching and some transition issues.
    Fixed stick attack for third person
    Fixed trunk breaks after 4 hits for client player
    Fixed “some sounds are not played correctly” in multiplayer
    Fixed the screen tilt problem when aiming down a weapon’s sights
    Fixed a bug where if the player was aiming down their gun sights and placed a weapon over it, the game would freeze up/spam console errors
    Fixed a bug where right clicking to split an output item in the crafting table would cause the unsplit items in the output block to vanish
    Fixed some duplication bugs
    Fixed a bug where the player could hit enemies and blocks from far away
    Fixed bug where popup menus would be covered by other things
    Fixed stability problem on explosions
    Fixed bug that plants did not grow any more
    Fixed Hornets attacking not yet spawned client players
    Fixed crash stack overflow on tall grass dying
    Fixed bug where adding a favorite would overwrite the last favorite
    Fixed bug where changing game options on continue game screen would not save
    Fixed explosion sound was played locally. Now the distance is also taken into consideration
    Fixed bug that the 2nd lit pipe bomb in a row wasn’t shown on the other clients. Please also retest the torches
    Fixed flicker of sunlight during early morning/evening
    Fixed bug where any player was able to call kick/ban, even if client. Now set to server only
    Fixed Car Entities collision is messed up
    Fixed All 4 chests in the game are now rotated right when placed: with the side facing the player
    Fixed mantis bug: Torch can be placed “into” a chest
    Fixed bug that when throwing a small rock very quickly (indeed it was with dropping all items) they were not subtracted from the client after a while
    Fixed meat on a stick and hunting rifle bullet to not have animation warnings
    Known Issues

    Animals get knocked back quite far when hit
    If you light a pipebomb and don’t throw it, it will explode but the pipebomb is not “deleted”/removed from your inventory. If you die, all of them are dropped, including the one that exploded.
    Stability on Bridges are still a little weak in the middle
    Dogs climbs ladders sometimes
    Animals sometimes run in circles due to zombie ai improvements
    Auger is rendered smaller in player’s hands
    Multiplayer servers sometime don’t show up in server browser
    Spanish, French and German translations are not done use English for now
    Large structures falling from stability cause poor performance on lower end systems
    Rocket Launcher does not have a degradation stat bar
    Switching languages multiple times in a row can cause broken wording in continued game
    Continue game screen titles not updating when re-entering.
    The NAT punchthrough sometimes doesn’t work as it should for some users and usually results in server hosting connection issues. Use the disable nat option in the server config to work around this for now.
  2. Rawrr

    Rawrr Active Member JFF Member

    Pretty cool :D


    Damn xD
  3. Lord Marshal

    Lord Marshal Member JFF Member

    Doing a download dance as we speak
  4. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    The files are being uploaded here for those JFF members in the Alpha. Should be done within probably 30ish minutes.
  5. Ronus

    Ronus Member JFF Member

    Wow, the weather is beautiful out :D
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
  6. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    You should of already gotten a PM from me with the link. Let me know if you didn't and I'll send it again. =)
  7. Ronus

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    I don't know where you got that quote from, I was talking about the weather :p

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