750Mbit over phone lines?


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Lots of stuff there, but second story from the bottom is about some new tech usable over your existing phone lines. Sounds interesting, but by the time it actually rolls out anywhere, my guess is that fiber will have more bandwidth again and be more available than it is now. So... who knows, but still cool.
Only problem is what will the phone compines try to charge you for install, mothly maintaince, online tech support and such. Like the old addage says.... "don't put the cart before the horse" or in this term the greedy pig.


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It's a nice idea but with gigabit fiber already rolling out; I'm not sure the use of it. Sure the infrastructure is already in place (theoretically) and competition can't hurt but I'm still skeptical.


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I can see it being useful for a few years for sure. I just upgraded uverse from 30->60Mbit and in order to do that they had to install a second line and give me a fancy router that bonds the two phone lines. Clearly 30Mbits is some kind of limit with their current tech. And it's way cheaper to do something like uverse (DSL to the DSLAM) than wire fiber directly to every home.