1. hoa.

    [Fixed] RAT Alpha :: Telnet Auto Connect Checkbox - Set Checked by default when set

    Hi, After restarting RAT Telnet Auto Connect checkbox is always unchecked. Have to check it every time, even when saving the configuration. [Edit] Posted on the wrong forum... Any way to move it to RAT Features? Sorry. With best regards.
  2. hoa.

    [Not a Bug] RAT Alpha :: Bad Company / Alloc's Fixes not detected

    Hi, First of all, great application. On old RAT all works fine. With new one "Bad Company / Alloc's Fixes" neither "Telnet" is detected. Waited about 5-10 minutes: [Edit] Some extra log from Telnet page: 2018-07-14T22:27:20 7.995 INF Loading permissions file at...