1. Njinir

    Custom Commands - by Njinir (Engineer)

    Greetings! I am the admin of TheWalkingZed and want to share how awesome RAT is when it comes to events. I will keep adding to this post as I continue to expand the awesomeness. Ground Rules: 1) I am not a genius, so no I cant create unicorns. 2) I am always on discord. Just message me...
  2. S

    Custom Teleport Event

    I am very new to RAT and I am trying to figure out how to create a couple of custom public chat events for teleporting purposes. Using existing events I've tried figuring out how to accomplish what I'm looking for, but I'm failing to figure out how to manually set a variable value. The idea is...
  3. Trekkan

    [DOC] Event Commands

    Event commands are custom commands I've written and now exposed so that you can use them from within the Script section of events. All event commands are prefixed with a . (period) when calling them. Multiple Parameters are separated by two || (pipes). Commands with a second parameter of...