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  1. Wretched

    You are a harry bastard.

    and you spend so much money on keeping your self looking like you is aint. Shame one you! use this and I get 5 dollars. and you save a butt load of money!
  2. Wretched

    TS channel pw.

    wretchedsawesome that is all.
  3. Wretched

    Welcome to the wondeful world of tablets. plz have a seat

    Soo, thinking about investing some of my blood money in a tablet, thinking about spending no more than 500$ So, I'm asking for you're guys's useless opinions. Im' thinking about getting this one. but this one is looking pretty...
  4. Wretched

    quote of the day.

    At work, room 101 calls up, says they the pw to the internet isn't working, I tell them the pw, they say its not working. thinking that it might be something wrong with the router (not the first time its happened) I tell the lady I'll restart the router. with anger in he voice she says this: "...
  5. Wretched

    How To Pronouse hard words

    here, if you dun not no how say dem hurd words.
  6. Wretched

    Changing the FOV to 90

    Found this little gem! Going to try it then report back! Works like a charm! I'd recommend this if you plan on playing at all.
  7. Wretched

    War of the Vikings Alpha sign up!

    Dont know much about this game, but here is the link to sign up for the alpha. when you sign up you get a url and if you get 5 friends to sign up with that url you get a spot! so, lets do it! here is my url link. Wretched's Link (5/5) Received a...
  8. Wretched

    I'm done

    So after all these years of trolling every member on this website I've finally got tired of doing it. I know! I know! calm down. Its not the end of the world, I'll still be around, but I'll be more nice to every one of you. If anything I've said offended any one at any time. I'm sorry and I...
  9. Wretched

    7 Days To Die!!!!!1

    So, this might have been posted but not sure, I just did a quick look is all. Anyhoo... When i bought this game back when they first annonced the pre-order i thought it would be a fun little waste of munnies. but no longer! the more info they release about this game the better and better it...
  10. Wretched

    Guild up in Neverwinter

    Guild name is Raven Hold...again post you're name if you need a invite.
  11. Wretched

    Origin of Malu beta keys you'll need to have a alienware arena account to get a key. and you can't use the key till the 30th of this month Link to the game's website
  12. Wretched

    Viven's new MindCrack MineCraft Server!!!!!

    Viven went out of his way to buy a minecraft server from minocity! Its a 2Gb server running on a 100Mbs connection and some fancy proccessor that starts with a X, pretty cool huh? anyhooo. The server is running the mindcrack mod pack. you can get that from the feed the beast launcher. Download...
  13. Wretched

    KickStarter for a gift for the trekkan

    So, i'll be starting a kickstarter to buy a gift for trekkan. the goal is 10$ to cover the 7.49+ shipping i have to deal with. here is the kickstarter page: here is what i plan on gifting to the trekkan. the toysr us page is here...
  14. Wretched

    New Air Support Champion!

    Wretched just surpassed as the Air Support champion with a high score of 180. If you think you can do better, you can play here: Good luck!
  15. Wretched

    New Ant Bully Champion!

    Wretched just surpassed as the Ant Bully champion with a high score of 28,750. If you think you can do better, you can play here: Good luck!
  16. Wretched

    New Quick Killer Champion!

    Wretched just surpassed SoupFlies as the Quick Killer champion with a high score of 5,161. If you think you can do better, you can play here: Good luck!
  17. Wretched

    New Adam and Eve Champion!

    Wretched just surpassed Trox as the Adam and Eve champion with a high score of 10,095. If you think you can do better, you can play here: Good luck!
  18. Wretched


    Okay, we need to get every one's battletag or email on in one place. So here it is! (go me) you can list your battle tang in the format name#number you need both to see your full battle tag you need to click on the friends list button in the lower right hand corner and click add friend. your...
  19. Wretched

    I need new music.

    I need new music to listen too. So hallp me out plz. List your top 3 favorite bands Mine is: 1. Sigur ros. 2. Eliott Smith 3. Nine Inch Nails.