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  1. Trekkan

    [Completed] Please update for new maps

    It isn't released yet. Just saying that it is done for next release.
  2. Trekkan

    [Completed] Please update for new maps

    Pregens have been added, and the startup/shutdown should be fixed if you update to the latest BCM for A18.
  3. Trekkan

    RAT and A18

    They work, however when you send messages on the console (meaning, not the chat tab), you have to wrap your text with double quotes, example: say "this is a test"
  4. Trekkan

    RAT and A18

    Two things. 1, download the new BCM. That'll fix the shutdown issue 2, Running multiple instances here: [DOC] - Running Multiple Instances of RAT
  5. Trekkan

    RAT and A18

    Hey there in RAT, please click Tools -> Import Items & Blocks. When a new version of the game is released, often items are added/removed/updated and this changes the games internal item IDs. By running the above command, this will generate a new list of ids. Yeah, this isn't a RAT thing...
  6. Trekkan

    RAT and A18

    All, First, yes I will be updating RAT to work with A18. I've been busy, so updates to RAT have been slow lately. Second, the current version of RAT (2040) will work with A18, HOWEVER there is one thing to be aware of. The DropOnDeath value in serverconfig.xml has been changed in A18. All...
  7. Trekkan

    [Completed] Please update for new maps

    Thanks much, I'll look into it! =)
  8. Trekkan

    Outlaws Server Manager (OSM)

    Pretty much, I haven't been playing the game at all, therefore haven't really updated the manager. I can't say I won't ever update it again, but I can say, don't wait for me. If there are other managers out there by now (I assume there are, I have no idea), then you'd be better off going for...
  9. Trekkan

    [Completed] Log export does not work

    What exactly are you looking for? The players exact position is: 1521.9, 62.1, 3067.3 Although how someone is connected without an ID or steamID/IP, etc... I have no idea. Unless they aren't fully logged into the game yet, but even then I'd think IP should be populated. But, if I know...
  10. Trekkan

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Cool man, hope you get lots of peeps to play with! =)
  11. Trekkan

    [In Progress] SHELL - RAT non-responsive

    Ok, did some digging in to this. This is more than likely due to that RAT is waiting for the thread to finish before returning control. So when you close the process that RAT starts, RAT will resume again. The reason I hold the thread that way is because RAT will respond with the output of...
  12. Trekkan

    updating rat

    When updating, RAT will ask you if you want to backup your database, select a location for that backup. Or, manually back up the database in %appdata%\nomadsoft\7d2d_rat.db Also, when RAT updates, it will update your current database to the new version, it won't overwrite your settings. But...
  13. Trekkan

    [Completed] Log export does not work

    There are the standard logs output by the game server those are output in the server folder as @Ciro, said. The RAT logs are written under the /logs folder (assuming you are using RAT 2040)
  14. Trekkan

    Bad Company Issues

    That is because RAT requires the BCM mod and it isn't installed and/or working correctly on your server. Get that installed and you should be good.
  15. Trekkan

    Backups not working

    Moved thread from CAT to RAT forums.
  16. Trekkan

    Backups not working

    I'm just dumping this here and will format later, thanks to Ciro for posting it in Discord chat. =) so easy wording then. the place where you have your server saving select the game world name in that folder as the save game location in the backup tab like i have here but u can have whatever...
  17. Trekkan

    New Web host, updated website

    Hey man, LTNS!! Good to see you're still around!! Join us on Discord!! Join the JFF Gaming Community Discord Server! Thanks for reporting that, I'll check into it!
  18. Trekkan

    [Fixed] Updated now getting this error

    Should be fixed in the current 2040 release. Please post a new thread if the issue returns after updating.
  19. Trekkan

    [Fixed] create a new page to protect the stack

    Should be fixed in the current 2040 release. Please start a new thread if the issue persists after updating.
  20. Trekkan

    [Completed] Log export does not work

    Removed internal logging, logs are now output to files instead of the DB.