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  1. Alchymia

    Where do you sell your old components?

    I am upgrading the guts to my rig and instead of having my old components collect dust in a closet, I would like to sell them and get whatever I can (which won't be much, I'd imagine) to offset my new components. I don't have an ebay account I sell from. So far I've come up with craigslist...
  2. Alchymia

    Photoshop Master Wanted.

    Since I suck at Photoshop, I would like to borrow some artistic talent from somebody. A friend of mine will be graduating soon and I would like to make a kickass gift for that person. Since she is a huge Scifi fan, I am interested in photoshopping various pictures of her into some of her...
  3. Alchymia

    D3 for PS4?

    I know this is like two years old, but I recently picked up a ps4 from a buddy (friends' discount) and got D3. I'm playing it with said buddy since we have a history of top-down dungeon crawlers. I am curious if anyone else has a ps4 with D3 and would be interested in some online coop? I am on...
  4. Alchymia

    Touchscreen Support?

    Hey Trek, Does this site support touchscreen? I only ask because I upgraded my 7-yo laptop with a surface pro 2 and it does not support an option where I can pull up a keyboard with the stylus and use handwriting-to-text in any location where I can insert text (including this box, etc.). It's...
  5. Alchymia

    Tablet PC

    Hey smart computer type people. I have a question. I am looking to replace my current laptop (purchased in 2007) with something new. Does anyone on here use a Table PC? Since I have all my computers synced with SkyDrive, I do all my heavy computing and data analysis on my home gaming...
  6. Alchymia

    Roll20: Web-based online virtual tabletop

    I know everyone has been busy, but PC gamer had a bit of tabletop story using the Roll20 program... I'm not sure if our Tabletop game is going anywhere, but I thought I'd continue to post things like this. If you're still looking for something to facilitate the gaming, check this out if you have...
  7. Alchymia

    Tracking Software Question

    I have a question for all you upper business-like, techy people. One of the research cores I work with regularly is looking for software that can track program usage over multiple computers, mostly for the purpose of billing users for their time they use the instruments attached to the...
  8. Alchymia

    War of the Roses Beta?

    I loved the M&B games. Is anyone planning or in the beta for this? Just curious. If you are interested, using this link will help me get in. Referring to 5 friends will guarantee access. Just curious...
  9. Alchymia

    Civ5 Multiplayer (turn-based)... who wants to play?

    Hey, I was searching for ways to play email games with Civ5 and came across something called Giant Multiplayer Robot. Youtube overview: CivFanatics Forum: Website:
  10. Alchymia

    Shoutbox idle

    Is there a way to turn off the 'click here to turn off idle' on the shoutbox or to disable it completely? I find it annoying. That is my suggestion.
  11. Alchymia

    PLease take my money!!!

    /drool.... I want so much of these for DLC....
  12. Alchymia

    Dual Monitor question

    So I rearranged my desk so that I can hide my case underneath. I moved my 2nd monitor from my right side to the left side of my primary monitor. This resulted in getting a black box on the second monitor that is only present when it is set to the left, but not the right. It is not a hardware...
  13. Alchymia

    Your liver will thank you I want to drink them all!!!! ... too bad I don't have some of the ingredients... ><
  14. Alchymia

    Switching combat modes question

    Ok, Bethesda pissed me off by making skyrim a console port simply because there is no real easy way that I've found to switch between spells, ranged combat, and sword and board (apart from the stupid 2Gb/4Gb limits)... I hate having to stop combat to load spells on hands, etc... Does anyone...
  15. Alchymia

    Alchymia says hello

    Just wanted to poke my head in here too to say hello. I mitigated from DHV (still hanging around there for when I do need a MMO fix.... TOR when I get bored of Skyrim most likely) to here since this more closely describes my gaming habits (anything from console to PC rpg's with a smattering of...