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  1. Oxnar

    ADSL Modem/Router

    Hi all, I am looking to drop my Frontier provided Netgear 7550 modem/ router for a commercial ADSL unit the lends itself to MMORPG gaming (if there is such a thing?). Normal usage around my home at any one time could be at least 1/2 users watching Netflix and 3/4 users on phones streaming...
  2. Oxnar

    Guild War 2

    So with the news that the game GW2 (base game) will go "Free to Play" and the expansion (Hart of Thorns) will release on Oct 23 - 2015 is there anyone from the JFF crew starting or going back? The guild most associated with JFF was Ravenhold [RH] (on the Gate of Madness server) and is all but...
  3. Oxnar

    GW2 ExPac

    Anyone going back to GW2 for the expansion ? Looks interesting. (Full disclosure, I am a GW2 Fan boy and have never stopped playing the game) :cool:
  4. Oxnar

    More WildStar.......

    If anyone still wants to try this game I have: 2ea 7-day guest passes (U.S. servers) 2ea 7-day guest passes (E.U. servers) Got these in email today. They are not so great but if you have not had a chance to see what this game is about, this will let you check it out for free. let me know, Ox
  5. Oxnar

    Gloria Victis

    Hi all, Was looking on MMORPG for something new and come across this . In reading what they have to offer, I am interested and will pony up the $$ to give the Alpha a go. Have a look. If they stay true to course it may be a lot of fun? Some of you may know I have...
  6. Oxnar

    Hope you dont mind?

    Ox is kinda sad now that the Raven Hold forum has closed and most/all of its former tenants have moved on to a GW2/ GoM server specific website. GW2 is my first big MMO and JFF is the first gaming site I have had the good fortune to be a part of. Bottom line. You folks are interesting! (even...
  7. Oxnar

    WildStar Beta WildStar MMORPG from NC Soft/ Carbine Studios. Not sure if anyone is interested in this game but they have announced beta sign ups. (link is in 2nd to last paragraph/ Winter Beta)
  8. Oxnar


    Yesterday I got an email from The Elder Scrolls Online team previewing their character creation video This is not what caught my attention but rather the link below it I originally singed up...
  9. Oxnar

    How long did this take?

    Diablo® III Auction House Update : So I give this game up about a month after it came out but I still get email on it from time to time. Thought this one was funny in a way and sad in another.