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CAT (Conan Admin Tool) 00024

Admin tool for Conan Exiles

  1. Many new fixes and changes, see below list!

    Added: Experimental version update check. Works just like the public release version, but lets alpha testers know there is a new version available for them.
    Anyone can check this box, but you will just get messages that there is a version to download, that you don't have access to download.
    Fixed: Issue that was causing tooltips on the status bar to not appear
    Fixed: Patches were not always being detected correctly
    Fixed: Max Nudity setting was not saving/loading the...
  2. Settings saving fixes, Localization fixes, etc.

    Fixed: Issue when wiping the server, it didn't actually do the wipe... ok, so I left some debug code in... ;)

    Changed: Specifically setting the culture of the app to en-US so that INI file numeric values write correctly. Please let me know if this causes any issues for those whos culture is not normally en-US.
    Fixed: If CAT is unable to hit the CAT home site to check for updates, an error message will be displayed in the CAT log, instead of throwing an exception
    Fixed: Multiple...
  3. UDP Connections and Server Settings

    Fixed: UDP connections not closing correctly
    Fixed: Settings INI files not automatically loading/being located correctly (Fixes multiple issues people were having, was due to missing event handlers. Copy / Paste, strikes again!)
    Fixed: Missing window icon for the Remote Viewer
    Changed: No longer using command line parameters for things that can be set in the INI files. Meaning, only the switches (-log, -nosteamclient, etc) will be used on the command line...
  4. Big Update, many many changes!

    Changed: Removed popup dialog when start/stop/install buttons are used
    Added: You can now edit the game settings through a UI instead of manually editing the INI files (File -> Settings)
    Added: Conan Exiles News viewer, quickly and easily read the latest patch notes and other news!
    Changed: Moved the "Wipe Server" button to the Tools menu and off of the primary toolbar
    Changed: Moved all of the server config settings to a new Settings window (File ->...
  5. Yet another hotfix...

    Sorry for all of the hot fixes everyone, I'll work on having a small test group for the future before release.

    Fixed: Some server params not correctly restoring their values
  6. Hotfix #2 for the day...

    Fixes an issue with spaces in some of the command line parameters
  7. Hotfix Release

    Fixed: Bad default value for the server EXE file, make sure your Server EXE File setting is set to: ConanSandboxServer.exe
    Changed: Automatically save settings on server start/stop/install (you should still use the Save Settings button when making changes though)
    Fixed: New params were not properly closing their quotes
  8. Automatic updates, server wipes, bug fixes and more.

    Please remember, this is a work in progress, there will be bugs. I will get them fixed as soon as I can. =)

    Changed: Moved Save Settings button to main toolbar display
    Added: The following as startup parameters: Listen, Servername, Adminpassword, GameServerPort, QueryPort, MaxPlayers, Multihome
    Changed: CAT now waits for the install process to complete before returning control to CAT
    Fixed: When stopping the server, the process is exited cleanly (allowing for shutdown to complete)
  9. Bugfix release

    No real new functionality, but fixes most of the bugs people have encountered. You may have to redo your settings and I'll make that work right in the future, but for now, its only a few clicks. Sorry about that, but... things will get better over time. =)