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CAT Alpha 00025

CAT Alpha, always backup your server before testing!

  1. Trekkan
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    CAT Alpha!

    *ALWAYS* Back up your server before testing! It is recommended that you only test on a non-live server. While I do what I can to assure nothing weird will happen, this is the alpha version for a reason. If you aren't comfortable with testing, then please only use version from the Release Branch.



    Features of CAT

    Player Status
    The primary view of CAT will let you see all players on your server. You have the ability to filter by Online, Offline, Alive, Dead statuses. You can see the players SteamID, Level, Guild name and rank within the guild and more.​

    Health Checks
    Make sure your server is up and running, and stays that way.​

    Auto Updating
    CAT will automatically update your server to the latest version as soon as it is released. All without you having to do anything but let it happen.​

    Edit Conan CE Server Settings directly from the UI!
    Edit all of the CE INI settings from a simple and easy to use user interface, no more manually editing the files to configure your server!​

    CAT Settings

    Start with Windows
    Minimize to the system tray
    Set defaults for various CAT functionality​

    Player Chat Log
    View the player chat log and keep an eye on your server.​

    New Conan CE News
    At the click of a button, read patch notes and other CE news directly from Funcom.
    Remote Server Viewer
    Need to remotely see who's on a server? Click Tools -> Remote Server Viewer to see who's playing on any server. This works independently of CAT, so if this is all you want CAT to do, it'll do it.​

    Wipe Server
    You can completely wipe your server and start over, without losing all of your server configurations. Backups are created automatically when you use this function to make restoring your server quick and easy!​


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Recent Reviews

  1. Doublee
    Version: 0018
    Tool is awesome. It will be the best!