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7D2D RAT: A 7 Days to Die Server Manager (EXPERIMENTAL) 01125


  1. Trekkan
    Please *READ*!!

    This is an experimental version of RAT. What that means is that there are new changes that might fundamentally change RAT or otherwise changes that I need tested before general release.

    Please do NOT download this version unless you already know how to backup your RAT files, 7D2D server, or otherwise are ok with losing your game. While there is no reason this should happen, you are accepting that this version of RAT could be very experimental and... shit happens.

    Version 0.1.100

    • Improved the monitoring and status display of the telnet and server instance connections
    • In some instances, player country flags would not appear. *NOTE* this is set when the player logs in only (to prevent hammering the lookup service)
    • Server Config read/write could fail on invalid paths/files.
    • Fixed issue where log entries might not save with the correct serverID (Fixes console log export issue)
    • Exception when clicking "Show Player Inventory" when no player was selected
    • Exception when there was no data displayed in the console window and the refresh button was clicked

    • Now using "ss" command for spawnscouts instead of "spawnscouts"
    • Increased the telnet password max length to 35
    • Removed Friendly Fire server setting
    • Added RAT version to the titlebar
    • Mouse over tooltips on Telnet and Server connection window will now display the last successful Connection/Process Check date and time.
    • New "Enable Local Server" checkbox on the "Server Configuration" tab.
      This must be checked in order for monitoring of the local server to work (Automatic Restarts, etc)
      You can uncheck this, and manually start and stop your server with the launch buttons instead. This allows more control over your server, especially while testing.
    • First pass at an upgrade system, hopefully you won't lose any of your settings/database reset any longer when upgrading RAT
    • You can now filter out and see log messages from RAT to help in debugging. Select "RAT Logs" from the console window content type dropdown.
    • You can now export the RAT log items to a file to help with debugging byu selecting "RAT Logs" from the Export Logs dropdown.
    • Added new custom command {airdropcoords} message, to display the last known supply crate airdrop.
    • (A15)Added new server setting "PlayerKillingMode" (PKMode) dropdown
    • Tools Menu on RAT, now contains item for deleting all players from the RAT database. (This does NOT affect player game files at all, more robust system for cleanup is planned in the future)

Recent Updates

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  2. Fixes and Updates to Grabbag functions
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Recent Reviews

  1. Faedom
    Version: 01100
    Awesome Trekkan will be trying this out ill let ya know if i find anything!