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7D2D RAT: A 7 Days to Die Server Manager (7D2D A16 Only!) 01132


  1. Bugfix release

    • Fixed: Event variables list was missing the Discord variables (Found by: FuzzySadist)
    • Fixed: Event command list was missing the SHELL command (Found by: FuzzySadist)
    • Changed: Added Event Command BLOODMOON back in, syntax is: .BLOODMOON:PUBLIC:The next bloodmoon is in {bloodmoon_next} days!||The next bloodmoon is tonight! (Reported by: StormForce)
    • Changed: Raised max teleport destinations from 10 to 100 (Requested by: GhostRiderGrey)
    • Added: Delete specific players...
  2. Teleport Fixes, Grabbag Fixes, Event Editor updates, so much stuffs! ;)

    ** Upgrade Notes **

    Please upgrade to BCM 2.2.2 or newer. This is due to changes in the give command in the mod that now allows items to be placed directly in the players inventory, instead of on the ground.

    Events marked as "RAT" events can no longer be edited. If you've already edited a RAT event, please now use the "Duplicate" button to make a copy of the event, disable the RAT event and continue as normal. This change was made to keep a clean copy of RAT events going forward so you...
  3. Many bug fixes

    ** NOTE ** Discord support is not functional in this version. That'll be in the next update. I just wanted to get this out there due to there are a lot of bug fixes and asked for features already complete.

    • Added: RAT title bar now displays the name of the server you are connected to. (Requested by: MidnightDesigner)
    • Fixed: It is now possible to get player inventory of offline as well as online players (Reported by: djkrose)
    • Fixed: Players with spaces...
  4. Many new events and good stuff!


    As always, please backup your database file before upgrading, it is located at %appdata%\Nomadsoft\7d2dusa.sdf, or use the backup feature when updating.

    Remember, this is an EXPERIMENTAL version of RAT, there will be bugs, features that aren't complete and features that might be removed.

    Expect problems, expect me to fix things as quickly as I can, and expect to roll back your RAT install if you find a problem you can't live with until...
  5. Minor fixes

    • Fixed: Discord chat from other channels than the bot channel would appear in the Discord Chat window in RAT
    • Changed: Now using BCM for in-game time polling
    • Fixed: Every time you start RAT, it tells you an update is needed (Credit: BoNeZ)
    • Fixed: Parsing exception (handled) in the player Disconnected parsing event. (Credit: BoNeZ)
    • Fixed: An exception (handled) could occur when updating server messages (Credit: Hjorten)
  6. Hotfix for a default DB value issue

    Quick fix for a bad DB value, only affected 2 people. =)
  7. Discord Support and other changes and fixes!

    • Changed: Requires v2.0 of Stompy's BCM mod, hopefully there won't be too many more mandatory updates, however... you're on experimental... ;)
      ** NOTE ** Delete the old BCM folder and install a completely fresh copy from the above link.
      If you don't, things will probably not work right.
    • Changed: Visual changes to the Health Check tab to...
  8. Hotfix

    • Changed: Visual changes to the Health Check tab to hopefully make the options more clear
    • Fixed: Exception when saving settings that some people were experiencing
    • Changed: Cleared up some text on the Player list right click menu
  9. Fixes and Updates to Grabbag functions

    Other than any fixes that arise from this update, I plan on moving this release to the Stable branch, so please let me know of any issues you have ASAP! =)
    • Fixed: Issue where the player list was being called too many times when a player joined the server
    • Removed: MOTD is no longer used from the "Messages" tab. Modify or create new MOTDs by creating a new event with the type "Player Spawn Joined"
    • Fixed: Max players in the status bar now correctly reflects the server...
  10. Hotfix

    • Fixed: Issues with Items and Blocks not importing
    • Fixed: Server Messages should now display correctly
    • Fixed: Server restarts should work again
    • Fixed: Various other issues where player count checks were involved