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7D2D RAT: A 7 Days to Die Server Manager (7D2D A16 Only!) 01132


  1. trillionsin
    Version: 01132
    Great manager, great support, great community.
  2. Gryph0n
    Version: 01132
    Not only is this a superb application, when there is a problem, he is on Discord to respond to questions or issues. Great support and constant development. I won't be using any server manager but RAT.
  3. The_BoNeZ
    Version: 01125
    Great 7DTD server admin tool! Just what I was looking for to get away from the constant internet traffic of a CBSM. I tried most available and all of them were good but still didn’t offer all of what I got from the CB. That was until I stumble onto RAT. I had my server switch over quickly with all the commands I had before and more. When I did have a few questions, they were quickly answered on website, even quicker on Discord channel. Try it, I don’t think you will go back.

    I run this on the dedicated server machine and would say I have a 4 out of 5 tech skill.
  4. Faedom
    Version: 01100
    Awesome Trekkan will be trying this out ill let ya know if i find anything!