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7D2D RAT 2.0 Alpha -- 64 Bit 02010

A 7D2D Server Manager

  1. Bugfixes

    NOTE: After you upgrade, please click Tools -> Import Items/Blocks to assure you can spawn items, grab bags work, etc.

    • Fixed: .NET framework version errors when installing on Windows Server (Hopefully, let me know if you still get this error)
    • Fixed: Incorrect main assembly name (Reported by: brotherjia)
    • Added: Each players game stage is now a column on the player list (Requested by: Khurune)
    • Changed: Server Login Confirmation box max length changed from 100 to 1024...
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  2. Several Bugfixes

    Special thanks to Njinir and the rest of the folks testing in the RAT Discord channel!

    Here's your patch notes

    • Fixed: Server messages are not displaying (Found by: Njinir)
    • Fixed: Player list is now updated immediately upon connection to the server.
    • Updated: Item Lists for new installs. Please select Tools -> Import Items if you've installed RAT prior to update the items yourself.
    • Fixed: Discord Bot now connects properly when hitting the "Connect" button on the Discord...
  3. Now supporting 7D2D A17e

    Please note that this is still an experimental version. I've h ad several people test it with the latest A17 and it works. There are some known issues, etc. Please see the KNOWN ISSUES section at the bottom of this post. All of those will be worked through over time. But overall, this works as you'd expect.

    • Fixed: Saving datasets with Boolean values would fail. This issue was pretty widespread, so this should fix many various problems people have been experiencing. (Reported...
  4. Hotfix release

    This update fixes an issue loading alternate databases for using RAT to manage multiple servers. If you aren't using this functionality of RAT, there is no need to update as there are no other changes.

    • Fixed: Loading alternate databases could sometimes fail. (Reported by: cookyman)
  5. Bugfix release

    • Fixed: Player chat timestamps should now be displayed in the local timezone (Reported by: DaSilver)
    • Fixed: Error when saving restart schedule changes (Reported by: blumse)
    • Fixed: Duplicating an event should work consistently now
    • Fixed: Event Sources of "RAT" should now correctly prevent editing. Duplicate an event and disable the RAT default if you need to edit a default event.
    • Fixed: Hard coded value for the server process name.
    • Fixed: Players with spaces in their...