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    ADSL Modem/Router

    So after some digging I have settled on this. It cost a bit more than I had planed but features everything I was looking for. The biggest thing for me is the QoS wizard b/c this is where I can help myself the most (I believe?). Thanks for the help, Ox
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    ADSL Modem/Router

    Hi all, I am looking to drop my Frontier provided Netgear 7550 modem/ router for a commercial ADSL unit the lends itself to MMORPG gaming (if there is such a thing?). Normal usage around my home at any one time could be at least 1/2 users watching Netflix and 3/4 users on phones streaming...
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    Guild War 2

    Good deal. Thank you, Ox
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    Guild War 2

    I am looking for a guild to do some of the PvE crap err stuff. I have done WvW almost exclusively after the first month/ last 3 years. I am on from about 4pm EST to 8ish most week nights and way more than I should be on the weekends. (all day and half the night) I want to craft my own legendary...
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    Guild War 2

    Hope to see you there. Staff Ele is a thing now and its very fun with the right build. If it works out and you give it a go, msg me @ Oxnar (in game). Ox
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    Guild War 2

    So with the news that the game GW2 (base game) will go "Free to Play" and the expansion (Hart of Thorns) will release on Oct 23 - 2015 is there anyone from the JFF crew starting or going back? The guild most associated with JFF was Ravenhold [RH] (on the Gate of Madness server) and is all but...
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    GW2 ExPac

    Anyone going back to GW2 for the expansion ? Looks interesting. (Full disclosure, I am a GW2 Fan boy and have never stopped playing the game) :cool:
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    old school Scfi Series

    Dr. Who (with Tom Baker), Star Trek/ all of em, Stargate/ Stargate SG-1, V (TV series), and a few others. BUT.....My all time favorite is
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    More WildStar.......

    If anyone still wants to try this game I have: 2ea 7-day guest passes (U.S. servers) 2ea 7-day guest passes (E.U. servers) Got these in email today. They are not so great but if you have not had a chance to see what this game is about, this will let you check it out for free. let me know, Ox
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    I am EDT/EST(on Nov 2) and - 4/5 (on Nov 2) GMT (I think?)
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    ESO Faction?

    Ox gets blamed for everything.. lol.... I am doing mostly PvE atm but when get max lvl with good gear I will be going into PvP. Right now I am trying to get a coworker/ friend dragged over from my TS to the JFF TS so we can run with you guys. (hes a bit of a loner) Im on most evenings from 5est...
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    Gloria Victis

    Hi all, Was looking on MMORPG for something new and come across this . In reading what they have to offer, I am interested and will pony up the $$ to give the Alpha a go. Have a look. If they stay true to course it may be a lot of fun? Some of you may know I have...
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    Quickly Opt out of targeted ads

    Gave this over to IT at work and scored some points wit da techie's. After it is vetted it will most likely be used on the common web servers. Thank you, Ox
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    Ox did not get a beta key. (hangs head and sobs quietly) :(
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    Hope you dont mind?

    BUMP........... Out of interest for my eternal survival ^ :cool: ^