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    No man's sky

    I'm playing Elite:Dangerous at the moment and by the time no man's sky comes out I will probably be either burnt out of the genre or invested in that game. This looks to have a very similar feel so I would have a look at that game first if I were you. My guess though is this game will suffer...
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    Star Wars: BattleFront

    Anger aside this is a real bummer :( I was looking forward to playing this with everyone but now they have just destroyed the possibility of communities / groups playing reliably together :( I hope this changes before it comes out otherwise I wont be getting it.
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    Our Windows 10 diary. =)

    I have installed and am in the middle of customizing it to how i want it to look like but so far so good. Had to restart a couple and perform a clean driver install to get it to work on both my TV and monitor (didn't like the different monitors) but that is just a minor issue. =] What i have...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I agree wholeheartedly with trekkan on this one. I am someone who has not pirated a single thing since i was 14 (when i realized pirating was illegal) and although i have always admired CDPR no DRM policy and their beliefs i do not agree with them and i think this is a bad decision. There is a...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Ronus i think it depends on what you favor in a game. I love story so for me i can put up with most (not all) bad mechanics if the story is good enough, that's why i want to play the previous two. I don't think you need to play them, the game is based of a series of books so i don't think they...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I will be buying it but i want to play the others first, have them just need to get some free time. It does look amazing though!
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    Windows 10?

    Could i voice my concern for this? I liked windows 7 because it was a no-nonsense benefit flat upgrade, for me at least, with no unnecessary add-ons. Stuff i haven't used maybe but nothing that stopped me from working. My problem comes with all the information into this it seem as if it wants...
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    New computer

    After doing some more research and visiting a few other places i can pretty much get what i want and if i recycle some parts from my computer i'm currently using (for some reason i didnt even consider doing that till now lol) i can build something better. We have the technology!!! <-- feels...
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    New computer

    Cheers guys :) I have been trying to price check but for some reason there are products that i cant get in the UK and a lot of them have jacked up prices because of shipping :/ Either way i have been looking around and from what i can tell if i put it together myself i will save anywhere in the...
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    New computer

    Am i stupid in doing this (don't answer that) Its overpriced i know I'm basically looking for a sound argument because i have childish impulse "oooooooh i want it!" thoughts I feel like i have the...
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    FFXIV Heavensward Benchmark

    Cool! Decided to try and get into FFXiV once uni is over, too busy atm, so cheers for this :)
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    It may not be new but...

    I am actually optimistic that VR (probably the occulus) this wont take too long before it can be actually useful/less gimmick and is low on lag etc, just thinking of the wiiU gamepad as an example of wireless device with no lag. What i think will take a long time is developing games where it is...
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    Final Fantasy X|V Reborn

    Having seen some of the gameplay over the last week i am thinking of hopping in to see if i like it. what server are you on i could try and join? Ping depending
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    interesting concept but damn

    I heard about that. The only news about that game is the one life thing. If that's all it offers i struggle to see it lasting very long :/ doesn't interest me lol
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    Hell hath descended and its name be...

    Is anyone able to give us a hand? Pretty please? I need some figures on how much certain stuff costs and google-sensei has let me down :( If anyone knows of any websites or places i could go to get them just give a quick reply if possible. I am looking for figures on how much a marketing/PR...