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    Where do you sell your old components?

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), they are all several hours and states away... and if I ended up doing anything to their computers, i'd be the one responsible for everything that would happen or go wrong with it. And, I don't think they could build a computer to save their lives... I'll stay out...
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    Where do you sell your old components?

    I am upgrading the guts to my rig and instead of having my old components collect dust in a closet, I would like to sell them and get whatever I can (which won't be much, I'd imagine) to offset my new components. I don't have an ebay account I sell from. So far I've come up with craigslist...
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    Photoshop Master Wanted.

    Since I suck at Photoshop, I would like to borrow some artistic talent from somebody. A friend of mine will be graduating soon and I would like to make a kickass gift for that person. Since she is a huge Scifi fan, I am interested in photoshopping various pictures of her into some of her...
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    Post your best run in with the cops story

    In high school I worked as a clerk in city hall, which was attached to the police station. I had six and seventh hour classes free in school, so I'd start work around 1pm most days. On such a day, I happened to lock my keys in my car at my high school so I caught a ride to city hall from a...
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    D3 for PS4?

    Yea. I played a lot of Torchlight2 on PC and D3 on PS4 so far and am liking the controls a lot better on the PS4. I think it works a bit better for the top-down dungeon crawler. I've really run into no issues at all when I've been playing it so I will assume they fixed everything. I'm playing a...
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    D3 for PS4?

    I had to get it for ps4 because my buddy and I played Torchlight 2 on PC. I picked that so he got to pick this time and he's a console gamer... I was pushing towards PC personally... lol
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    D3 for PS4?

    I know this is like two years old, but I recently picked up a ps4 from a buddy (friends' discount) and got D3. I'm playing it with said buddy since we have a history of top-down dungeon crawlers. I am curious if anyone else has a ps4 with D3 and would be interested in some online coop? I am on...
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    What was your first job?

    A bit delayed, but... I've been working (officially) since I was 14 (32 now)... mowing lawns for my old church doesn't really count. First job was working over the summer assisting the janitor of my junior high to prep the school for the upcoming year (strip and wax floors, paint, deep clean...
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    New Years Resolutions/Goals

    My goals: 1. lose fat and build muscle 2. related (and the source of above), play hockey throughout the year 2-3 times a week 3.get and stay in touch with old friends from my past (I suck at non-marriage relationships) 4. maybe, just maybe, one day actually finish skyrim 5. find a real job - or...
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    Hell hath descended and its name be...

    Yay for School!!!! Never stop learning!!!!
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    Hello from Arnuphis (and Filigree)

    DHV FOREVER! haha. jk welcome! Please keep Trek in line!
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    USA road trip, where would you visit?

    Avoid the center of the country... Really. There is really nothing there worth seeing that much. Driving across Texas is a pain in the ass, but bypassing that for Oklahoma City? No. Just no. I'd try to fly from one side of the coast to the other and try to fly out from airline hubs (cheaper...
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    Touchscreen Support?

    yea. its not a big deal, but I'll see if I Can find Something that may help. That being said, I am able to do that now so I'm not sure what was my issue last time I tried. It seems to be working this time so I guess I'll monitor it for awhile... Thanks though. It is much appreciated!
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    Touchscreen Support?

    Hey Trek, Does this site support touchscreen? I only ask because I upgraded my 7-yo laptop with a surface pro 2 and it does not support an option where I can pull up a keyboard with the stylus and use handwriting-to-text in any location where I can insert text (including this box, etc.). It's...