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New Profile Posts

  1. Doctros
    The Past - The Present - The Future: I Am Behind You!
  2. Trekkan
    Happy to see Hansbrick is back!
  3. Hansbrick
    Back from the dead!!!
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  4. trillionsin
  5. Kashalla
    Kashalla Trekkan
    Conan server needs an update and reboot, unlisted hot-fix went through this morning
    1. Trekkan
      Updated! Thanks for the info!
      Apr 25, 2017
  6. Kashalla
    Kashalla Trekkan
    Think the conan server needs a kick, or it just hates me:)
    1. Trekkan
      Apr 19, 2017
  7. Kashalla
    Kashalla Trekkan
    Gotta update the server and restart. they hot fixed something over night :(
  8. popsicko
    popsicko Trekkan
    Heya trekkan, for some reason I have lost all my TS permissions, cant even move out of lobby. I blame wretched.....PLEASE HELP
  9. Kashalla
    Kashalla Trekkan
    Trekkan, Is the Conan server down? I cannot seem to connect even with direct connect!
  10. agaz
    Way more than 7 ways to die
  11. Isoz
  12. Thod
    OK just so everyone knows Rave Knave is his name.
  13. RaveKnave
    Fine Thod I am Rave "K" nave and who ever came up with silent "K's" needs to be taxed into submission.
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  14. Thod
    Wow Rave why so Violent.
  15. RaveKnave
    I am Rave "K" nave who ever came up with silent "K's" needs to be throat punched.
  16. panzerghost
  17. xXDemenyaXx
    Correction, birth year should read 1978, not 1988. "Wishful typing" maybe? LOL!!
  18. 777
    777 Trekkan
    Trekkan!!! could you please help me understand how to work my way around this place?
  19. Wizzy411
    Looking Around
  20. Rawrr
    Currently living in Auckland, New Zealand - Land of the Kiwi.